Romeo and Juliet: Act III

Which two characters die in Act III, Scene 1? Tybalt, Mercutio
Which character curses both the Capulets and the Montagues? Mercutio
Which character claims that he is at the mercy of fate? Romeo
Which character demands for Romeo’s death? Lady Capulet
Which character reveals the events of the swordplay to the Prince? Benvolio
The Nurse returns and repeats, “He is dead.” Juliet thinks that ____ is dead, but the Nurse actually means ____ is dead. Romeo, Tybalt
What is the Prince’s decree regarding Romeo’s actions? Romeo is banished from Verona
What item does Juliet give to the Nurse to pass to Romeo? a ring
Where does Romeo go to seek refuge after the street fight? Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is Romeo’s response to the news of his sentence set by the Prince? he would rather be dead
What plan does Friar Lawrence propose to Romeo? Romeo should go to Juliet and comfort her on their wedding night, then leave and escape to Mantua before daybreak. He should wait there until Friar Lawrence can smooth things over and bring Romeo home to his family and Juliet.
What event is scheduled to take place on Thursday? Juliet’s wedding to Paris
Why must the wedding party be small and quiet? So that the Capulets do not appear that they are not grieving the loss of Tybalt
What does Capulet compare to Juliet, due to her crying? a fountain
Why does Juliet argue with her parents in Scene 5? she doesn’t want to marry Paris
What is Capulet’s response when Juliet refuses to obey her parents’ wishes? he will disown her and wish her dead
What advice does the Nurse give to Juliet? she should marry Paris, he’s even better than Romeo
Where does Juliet tell the nurse she’s going at the end of Scene 5? Friar Lawrence’s cell