Romeo and Juliet Act III

What happened in the fight scene in scene one Tybalt killed Mercutio, then Romeo killed Tybalt
What punishment does the Prince impose on Romeo Romeo gets banished from Verona and he can no longer live there. If he returns he will be killed.
Why is scene one considered the turning point After Tybalt killed Mercutio and set off Romeo, Romeo killed Tybalt and then caused everyone to turn against him.
What promise does Lord Capulet make to Paris? He promises Paris that he can marry Juliet.
Why does Lord Capulet make that promise to Paris? He thinks it will make Juliet happy.
What is Juliet’s predicament at the end of act III? Juliet’s parents tell Paris that he can marry her.
Why might this be a complication? Juliet is already married to Romeo.
How does the nurse help Juliet in this Act? The nurse tells Juliet to marry Paris and forget about Romeo.
Explain the double meaning of the text that Juliet uses when she speaks to Lady Capulet after Tybalt’s death. Juliet acts like she is upset about Tybalt’s death and she wants to kill Romeo, but she doesn’t really care about Tybalt’s death. She just wants to get close to Romeo.
How does Juliet’s character change in Act III She no longer trusts people and she is so obsessed with Romeo that she is willing to kill herself for him.