Romeo and Juliet Act III

In the beginning of Act III, why does Romeo refuse to fight with Tybalt? Just married JulietThey are family
Describe the fight scene. Who kills who? Tybalt kills MercutioRomeo kills Tybalt
“A plague on both your houses.” Explain Mercutio’s words. I hope you’re both punished
What does Romeo mean when he says after killing Tybalt, “O, I am fortune’s fool!”? He had everything going good; then something bad happened
Why did the Prince not sentenced Romeo to death, in keeping with his speech in Act I? He did what the law had already done
Describe the clashing emotions Juliet feels when the Nurse reports Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment. Tybalt’s family Romeo is Juliet’s husband
Why does Juliet’s nursemaid go to Friar Laurence’s cell? Tell Romeo to go see Juliet tonight
Why does think death would be a more merciful punishment than banishment? Now he can’t see Juliet, and everyone else can
What is the plan Friar Laurence proposes to Romeo? Go to MantuaMake the marriage publicBeg for forgiveness
What reason do Lord and Lady Capulet think causes Juliet to be sad? Lord and Lady Capulet think Juliet is sad over Tybalt’s death.
The day after Juliet’s secret wedding, what announcement does her mother make to her? You’re going to marry Paris Tells her on money, marriage on Thursday
How does Juliet respond to her mother’s announcement? Doesn’t go well
How does Juliet’s father respond to Juliet? Get kicked out of the house if she doesn’t marry Paris.
Why does Juliet become furious with her nursemaid? Marry Paris and forget about RomeoNurse stabbed her in the back
At the beginning of scene 5, what is Juliet trying to get Romeo to believe? That it is still night time He doesn’t need to go
Where does Juliet plan to go for help? To go see Friar Laurence

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