Romeo and Juliet act III

Why does Benvolio suggest that he and mercutio should “retire” from the streets? He thinks they will soon be killed
Why does Tybalt seek Romeo? He crashed the capulet’s party
What does tybalt say to him after Romeo arrives? He calls Romeo a villian
Why does Romeo refuse to fight tybalt? He and Tybalt are now related because romeo and juliet just got married.
Is Tybalt a dirty fighter? Yes
How is Tybalt a dirty fighter? He stabs Mercutio in the chest at a time when the fight is paused.
What Does Mercutio do after he was killed by Tybalt? He curses both of the families.
What happens when Tybalt returns to fight? Romeo kills him.
Why doesnt Lady Capulet believe Benvolio’s side of the story? He is very close with Romeo
What does Lady Capulet ask prince to do with romeo Execute him.
When nurse tells juliet what happened in the streets, how was juliet fooled? Juliet thinks that Romeo was killed
Juliet says that ________ is worse than death Banishment
What does nurse promise juliet at the end of scene two? She promises that she will find romeo and bring him to her chamber for their wedding night.
What does Prince do to romeo instead of killing him? Banishes him
How does Romeo act to the news of his banishment? HE crys and sobs on Friar Lawerences cell floor.
How does Friar L. think Romeo is acting? Like a girl
How does Romeo feel about Juliet? She thinks he is a murdurer, but still loves him.
How does Romeo react to the news of how Juliet feels about him? He attempts to stab himself.
Where has Romeo been told to go? Muntua
What day has been arranged for Juliet and Paris to get married? Thursday
What will happen if Juliet doesnt marry Paris? She will be disowned by her father, and she will be sent to live on the streets.
WHat does lady Capulet want to do to romeo? Poison him
What finally convices Juliet that romeo has to go? She figures that if he doesnt leave now, he will die.
What advice does nurse give to Juliet? She tells her to forget about romeo and to marry paris because she will never see Romeo again.
Why does Juliet insist that it is not yet morning? She wants Romeo to stay longer.