Romeo and Juliet Act III

Why does Benvolio want to immediately get off of the street? Benvolio is hot and conditions are perfect for a violent encounter with the Capulets.
Which details indicate that Mercutio’s speech is a monologue instead of a soliloquy? Mercutio is talking to Benvolio.
Summarize the conversation Mercutio and Tybalt. Tyblat wants to know where Romeo is, Mercutio insults him.
What does Tybalt think was Romeo’s motive for coming to the Capulet’s feast? Tybalt thinks Romeo crashed the party to insult him?
How does Romeo react to Tybalt’s anger? Romeo tries to apologize to Tybalt.
Why does he react this way? Due to his marriage, Romeo wants to end the feud with Tybalt.
What is the outcome of the dual between Mercutio and Tybalt? Mercutio is dead-he blames Romeo and sets a curse on their houses.
What does Mercutio accuse Romeo of? What prediction does he make for the Capulets and Montagues? Mercutio curses the Capulets and Montagues with bad luck.
How does Romeo say Juliet has changed him? What does he mean? Romeo says his love for Juliet has made him weak and failed him for protecting Mercutio.
What news does Benvolio bring to the scene? Mercutio is dead
What is the outcome of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? Romeo stabs and kills Tybalt?
What urgent warning does Benvolio give to Romeo? Benvolio tells Romeo to leave
What horrific discovery does the Prince make when he appears on the scene? There’s dead people everywhere and Romeo is missing
What does Lady Capulet request from the Prince? Is her request fair? Lady Capulet wants Romeo dead. Considering the circumstances, yes, that is very fair.
In his monologue, has Benvolio accurately reported the facts to the Prince? Yes, Benvolio’s account is correct-although a little biased towards his friends.
What punishment does the Prince order for Romeo? Prince orders for Romeo to be exiled from Verona. If he returns, he’s dead.
Reread Juliet’s speech. What does she want to happen? Why? Juliet wants night to come because she wants to talk with Romeo.
Is Juliet’s speech a monologue or a soliloquy? Juliet’s speech was a soliloquy.
What news does the Nurse bring to Juliet?How does Juliet respond? Nurse brings the news that someone is dead, Juliet believes it’s Romeo. She blames God.
How does Juliet demonstrate her conflicting feels about Romeo? Juliet describes him using oxymorons
Why do you think Juliet first condemns Romeo and then changes her mind? I think Juliet first condemns Romeo but then changes her mind because she wants to focus on her family, but then she remembers that Romeo is her weak husband.
What does Juliet ask for the Nurse to do at the end of Scene ii? Juliet tells the Nurse to give Romeo her ring.
How does Romeo compare banishment to the Friar? Romeo compares banishment to death by cutting off his head with a golden axe to the Friar.
How does Friar Lawrence attempt to comfort Romeo in face of his punishment? Friar Lawrence tries to show Romeo that Prince took mercy on him.
What would Romeo rather endure than being banished? Romeo would rather endure being tortured, poisoned, shot, etc. than being banished.
Why does the Friar scold him and call him a “madman”? Friar believes that Romeo should be thankful for his life.
What news does the Nurse report about Juliet’s current state? The Nurse reports that Juliet is a mess and she won’t calm down.
What three reasons does the Friar give to persuade Romeo to change his attitude? 1. He’s still alive2. He still has Juliet3. He should be grateful that Tybalt didn’t kill him
How does Friar Lawrence plan to keep in touch with Romeo? Friar plans to keep in touch with Romeo through Romeo’s servant
Summarize the exchange between Lord Capulet and Paris. Lord Capulet tells Paris that Juliet is upstairs asleep and that he’ll discuss his marriage to her the next day. Tybalt’s death has made Juliet too upset. Paris believes this sadness will make it easier to propose to Juliet.
What is ironic about this scene involving Lord and Lady Capulet and Paris? Juliet is already married.
Contrast Capulet’s words in this scene with his previous talk with Paris way back in Act I. In Act I, Capulet wanted Juliet to decide who to marry. Now, he’s almost forcing her to marry Paris. He also believes Juliet will obey him.
Why do you think Capulet has changed his mind about his daughter’s marriage? He realizes that everything is getting out of control and he needs Paris as an ally.
What do the Capulets end up planning for Thursday? Juliet’s marriage to Paris is planned for Thursday.
As we move to Scene v, explain what the two references to birds mean in Romeo and Juliet’s exchange? The two birds represent the night and the day
Why does Juliet hate the sound of the lark? Juliet hates the sound of the lark because that means it’s morning and Romeo has to leave.
After Romeo departs, a sense of dread fills Juliet. Why? Juliet feels like she’s looking down into a tomb
What is ironic about Lady Capulet’s words to Juliet? Lady Capulet thinks Juliet is crying over Tybalt-She’s crying over Romeo
How does Juliet respond to her upcoming marriage to Paris? She’s extremely against it; Juliet believes the marriage is too rushed.
What does Capulet say will happen if Juliet does not get married at the church on Thursday? Capulet said that if Juliet doesn’t show up to the church, he will drag her there. If she refuses, she can live on the streets.
What options does Juliet offer to her mother? Juliet asks her to mother to delay the marriage or she will kill herself.
What solution does the Nurse give to Juliet? The Nurse tells Juliet to marry Paris because Romeo is almost dead anyway.
Summarize Juliet’s final words of Act III. Juliet is no longer speaking to Nurse and she’s going to Friar Lawrence’s cell.