Romeo and Juliet Act II Vocabulary

Define: vexed irritated, annoyed
Quote: “Now, afore God, I am so ______ that every part about me quivers.” vexed
Define: chide scold
Quote: “I pray thee ____ me not.” chide
Define: jest joke; speak in a playful manner
Quote: “He ______ at scars that never felt a wound.” jests
Define: bandy trade/exchange
Quote: “My words would _____ her to my sweet love, And his tome.” bandy
Define: conjure make appear by magic
Quote: “The ape is dead, and I must ______ him.” conjure
Define: prating babbling
Quote: “When ’twas a little ______ thing — O, there is a nobleman in town, one Paris, that would fainlay knife aboard.” prating
Define: perjury willful giving of false evidence under oath
Quote: “At lovers’ ________, They say Jove laughs.” perjuries
Define: rancor bitter, resentment, hatred
Quote: “For this alliance may so happy prove/ To turn your households’ ______ to pure love.” rancor
Define: adieu good-bye/farewell
Quote: “I hear some noise within. Dear love, ______.” adieu
Define: prorogued postponed
Quote: “My life were better ended by their hate then death ________, wanting of thy love. prorogued