Romeo and Juliet- Act II through V

Romeo states, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.” Explain his meaning Mercutio has never loved as deeply as Romeo and can’t feel Romeo’s pain
Even though Romeo overhears Juliet’s confession on her balcony, this is still considered a ______________ because she is expressing her thoughts aloud without knowledge of someone underneath soliloquy/aside
Because the audience knows that Romeo is overhearing Juliet’s confession on the balcony, this is an example of what? Dramatic Irony
How does Romeo’s irrational romanticism come alive in the balcony scene? He doesn’t leave and doesn’t want to leave, and there are a bunch of make out scenes
Why does Juliet say not to swear by the moon? So that he can swear by something more constant and not something that is changing (phases of the moon)
What is the plan regarding marriage that Romeo and Juliet devise? They wed the next day
Characterize Friar Laurence as he appears in this scene 3, Act II/When he appears for the first time Wise, monk of medicine, garrulous
What is the friar’s motive in agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet? To unite the households
What is the theme of the Friar’s soliloquy when he first appeared? Relate this to the play Humans have the potential of great harm or great goodness/ The Friar is doing harm by marrying this two without consent
What warning does the friar give Romeo when Romeo urges haste? Don’t rush into love, else you fail
Who does Mercutio describe as “The King of Cats”? Tybalt
What warning does Friar Laurence give in Act II, Scene 6? Violent emotions may lead to violent actions
What is the weather like at the opening of the scene? What does this foreshadow? Hot-> Anger
How does Mercutio characterize Benvolio? Hypocrit (not wanting to fight but he does)
Why is Mercutio so upset when Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt? Because he believes Romeo is being a Wuss
What is Romeo’s real reason for not fighting Tybalt? He’s now related to Tybalt
How is Mercutio killed? Stabbed by Tybalt but was blocked by Romeo
What curse does Mercutio pronounce repeatedly? A curse on both your houses
What does Romeo mean by calling himself “fortune’s fool”? He has bad fortune/fate
What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt? Banishment
In Act III, Scene 2 Juliet’s lines contain a lot of what when she hears bad news from the nurse? What are her lines in reference to? Oxymorons; Romeo’s banishment and Tybalt’s death
When the nurse claims, “Shame come to Romeo!” how does Juliet react and why? Is this Ironic? Incredulous/How dare you?; Yes because she is taking the side of her husband which is supposed to be the enemy
How is Juliet going to be able to cry in front of her parents and not arouse their suspicions? She is going to pretend that she is crying for Tybalt but is actually crying for Romeo
In Act III, Scene 3, the Friar states, “Thy tears are womanish…unseemly woman in a seeming man!” Where else have we seen this type of reference to women? Mercutio told Romeo to stop being womanish on their way to the masquerade and the nurse told him to stand up and be a man in the Friar’s cell
“I think she will be ruled by me; nay more, I doubt it not.” Who says this and in reference to what? Capulet; Juliet’s marriage arrangements to Paris, essentially saying that “she lives in my house and she lives by my rules”
Why is the wedding between Juliet and Paris moved from Wednesday to Thursday? So it isn’t too soon after Tybalt’s death
As Romeo leaves, Juliet states, “O God, I have an ill-diving soul!” What does this mean? Her intuition says something bad will happen
What is Lady Capulet’s plan for Romeo after he is banished? To send him an assassin
How will Juliet take part in Lady Capulet’s plan for Romeo? She will mix the poison
What does Capulet call Juliet after she refuses to marry Paris? Wretched girl
What does Capulet call the nurse when she sides with Juliet? Mumbling fool/Lady Wisdom
Describe Juliet’s words and behavior toward Paris when they meet at Friar Laurence’s cell She’s pretending to be happy but is not good at it and comes off slightly cold
What does Juliet say that she is willing to do rather than marry Paris? Jump off the highest tower, be chained to a bear, be in a coffin with snakes
What are the effects of the potion Friar Laurence gives Juliet? A sleep-like death (42 hours)
How does the reaction of the Capulets upon discovering Juliet’s “death” contrast with their behavior in Act III? They seemed to really care and have now realized that they genuinely missed out on Juliet
How does Capulet personify death when they discover Juliet “dead”? Marriage-> death as her husband
What comfort does the friar offer the Capulets during the time they are grieving over Juliet the first time? That at least she’s now in heaven
Describe Romeo’s peculiar dream and how it is ironic Romeo dreams of Juliet finding him dead; It is ironic because the opposite of what had happened in the dream will happen in real life
Who is the “sweet flower” Paris is referring to? Juliet
What are Romeo’s directions for Balthasar? How does he try to make sure that Balthasar carries them out? He tells him to leave and do not come back no hide nearby or he will rip him apart at every joint and fling hid body parts all over the churchyard.
Describe the food metaphor that Romeo uses when he finds Juliet in the coffin? Tomb is the mouth of death and the bodies are food and he will soon be the food
How does Paris say it is supposed that Juliet died? She died of grief for Tybalt
How does Romeo describe Juliet in death? As beautiful as she was alive
What does Romeo mean when he refers to the “yoke of inauspicious stars”? That the fates are messing with him (unlucky)
The friar tells Juliet that “A greater power than we can contradict/ Hath thwarted our intents.” What is that greater power and how has it blocked their efforts? Fate; Fate caused Romeo to leave early and not receive the letter so he found her “dead” and killed himself before he knew the truth about her situation
What does the Friar tell Juliet he will do with her after she wakes up in the coffin? He will send her to live with the nuns in a nunnery
What does Juliet mean when she says “O happy dagger!/ This is thy sheath! There rust, and let me die.”? She will become the new sheath of the dagger when she stabs herself and it is stuck in her body when she falls over and dies
What has happened to Romeo’s mother at the end of the play? She had died of being stricken of grief due to Romeo’s banishment
What convinces the Prince that the friar is telling the truth at the end of the play? He’s a holy man and the letter that he sent earlier to Romeo
How does the Prince blame himself for what has happened? How has it affected his life? By saying he didn’t do anything else about the issue when he could have taken care of it earlier; Mercutio and Paris were related to the prince
What does Montague pledge to build as a tribute to Juliet? A golden statue of Juliet
Describe the weather, according to the Prince, on the morning of the discovery? Cloudy
Makes women dream of kisses, soldiers dream of cutting foreign throats; Who is this? Queen Mab
At the beginning of the play, this character is not interested in marrying anyone; Who is this? Juliet
Vows to remain chaste all his/her life; Who is this? Rosaline
Fears that something will happen to cut his life short; Who is this? Romeo
Romeo’s first love; who is this? Rosaline

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