Romeo and. Juliet: Act II Scene 3

What is Friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of Sc III? Gathering herbs
What kind of speech is Friar Lawrence giving in the beginning? Soliloquy
Friar Lawrence guesses what about Romeo’s sleep that night? He was not in bed
What does F.L. beleive Romeo has been? With Rosaline
What is F.L.’s attitudes on Romeo’s new love? He is surprised that Romeo moved on so fast
Who is Romeo’s new love? Juliet
Why does Romeo ask F.l.? To marry him and Juliet
Why does F.L marry Romeo and Juliet? It will fix the feud between the Montague and the Capulet
What does Tybalt send to Romeo? An invitation to a duel
Whom does Mercutio call the “Prince of Cats”? Tybalt
What is Tybalt good at? Fencing
What time did Juliet send the Nurse to meet Romeo? 9 am
What time did the Nurse return to Juliet? 12 pm
Juliet says, ” Love’s heralds should be ______.” Thoughts
What does the Nurse do to drive Juliet crazy? Not directly her the news from Romeo
While Romeo and Juliet are getting married, what is the Nurse getting from them? A ladder
When F.L says, ” Love moderately; long love doth so”, what does it mean? Love should be a long process, so you can cherish it.
Explain Mercutio’s fan joke directed at the Nurse That the Nurse is so ugly, the fan will be prettier