Romeo and Juliet Act II, III, IV, V, and sonnets

“Juliet is the sun” meaning Implies that she is the center of his universe
Main point of Friar’s first little speech about herbs ANDDD what kind of speech is it? Some bad things are good and some good things are bad. We as humans are never 100% good or 100% bad. Soliloquy
Why does Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He believes it might end the feud
What role does Benvolio play? He is a peacemaker and a trustworthy adversary
Romeo’s response to Tybalt’s goading and it’s meaning Romeo says that he has to love Tybalt; this is because Romeo recently married Juliet so they are technically family (he has to love him)
Quote and explain Mercutio’s puns bout death “You shall find me a grave man” either means he will be dead or he will suddenly be a serious man. Mercutio lies and says that his wound is merely a scratch when it turns out to be deadly
When the Friar protests that Romeo’s banishment is a merciful sentence, what is Romeo’s response? He says that it would’ve been more merciful to sentence him to death, not banishment
What is occurring while the unsuspecting Capulets plan Juliet’s marriage to Paris? Romeo is in Juliet’s room with her
What is ironic in Juliet’s response to her mother when she informs her of her father’s plans for her marriage to Paris? She says that she doesn’t want to marry Paris and cleverly says “I would rather marry Romeo the Montague” which is ironic because she is married to him but, to her mother, this would seem like an exaggeration like “I would rather marry my worst enemy”
To whom does the Nurse compare Romeo to and why? To Juliet because they are sobbing and being dramatic
Why does Romeo draw his dagger when he is banished? To kill himself
What type of dramatic speech does Friar deliver in act III and what is his attitude toward Romeo? Monologue; he thought Romeo was foolish and should be ashamed of himself; he is fed up with Romeo
What does Friar advise Romeo to do when he is banished? Go and comfort his wife then leave the city in the morning and come back in a couple years
What makes Romeo feel comforted about his situation? The ring Juliet gave him as a sign of her commitment
What does Capulet say to Paris and how does Paris reply? That this isn’t the proper time to be tryin to woo her and he says that maybe it is a better time to cheer everyone up
“That may be sir, when I may be a wife” meaning This means that she can only wed Paris if her marriage to Romeo ends by death. But, Paris thinks she does not know the day of the wedding and tells her “on Thursday”
How does fate cause problems for the lovers in scene ii act IV Capulet is so happy that Juliet submissed and agreed to marry Paris that he moves the wedding up a day. This makes problems for Juliet who thought she had more time
Quote a line from Juliet’s soliloquy that foreshadows her death “And here dies strangled ere my Romeo comes?”
Juliet’s emotional state in scene i compared to when she about to drink the potion? In scene i Act IV, she was ready to kill herself and held a dagger to stab herself; in this moment, she is fearful and scared of what will happen when she drinks the potion
Why does Romeo think the apothecary will sell him poison? Because of the Apothecary’s poverty and how the richest people didn’t get to be rich by following the law-so the Apothecary sells it to him
What prevents Friar John from delivering Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo? Friar John is quarantined while visiting the sick
How does Paris feel about Juliet at her tomb? He is extremely upset and comes to honor her and put flowers on her grave
Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb? To damage the bodies of Tybalt and Juliet
Why does Romeo address Paris as “youth” Because he feels as though he 1) is higher up than him and 2) has aged within the past days
What does the prince mean when he says “all are punished?” He means that everyone is affected by what happened
All sonnets have ___ lines divided into _______ 14; stanzas
2 types of sonnets Petrarchan; Shakespearean
Iambic pentameter Each line has 10 syllables alternating in an unstressed/stressed pattern
2 line stanzas Couplet
3 line stanzas Tercet
4 line stanzas Quatrain
5 line stanzas Quintet
6 line stanzas Seset
7 line stanzas Septet
8 line stanzas Octave
Petrarchan sonnet ABBAABBACDECDE
Shakespearean sonnet ABABCDCDEFEFGG
Stressed = /
Unstressed = Little bottom half of a circle
Iamb = 2 syllables

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