Romeo and Juliet Act II-III

How to identify when Nurse is speaking? her use of language
“If ye should lead her in a fool’s paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behaviour, as they say” Nurse
“Then love-devouring Death do what he dare,It is enough I may but call her mine” Romeo
“I beg for justice, which thou, Prince, must give:Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live.” Lady Capulet
“Mercy but murderers, pardoning those that kill.” Prince
“A plague a’both your houses!” Mercutio
“And if we meet we shall not scape a brawl,For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.” Benvolio
“I’ll give thee armour to keep off that word:Adversity’s sweet milk, philosophy.” Friar Lawrence
“Art thou a man? thy form cries out thou art;Thy tears are womanish” Friar Lawrence
“I would the fool were married to her grave” Lady Capulet
“Methinks I see thee now thou art so as one dead at the bottom of the tomb” Juliet
“Out you green sickness carrion, out you baggage” Lord Capulet
“I’ll to the Friar to know his remedy,if all else fail, myself have power to die” Juliet
“I think it best you married with the County,Oh, he is a lovely gentleman.” Nurse
“These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die like fire and powder.” Friar Lawrence
“Oh I am Fortune’s fool!” Romeo
“Wisely and slow they stumble that do run fast” Friar Lawrence
“Two such opposed kings encamp them still,and man as well as herbs grace and rude will Friar Lawrence
“o calm dishonorable vile submission” Mercutio
“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,my love is deep the more I give to thee the more I have for both are infinite.” Juliet
“It is my soul that calls my name” Romeo
(Described) “I pray you sir, what saucy merchant was that was so full of his ropery?” Mercutio
(Described) “O he is the courageous captain of compliments.” Tybalt
(Described) “Thou hast quarreled with a man for coughing in the street because he hath waken thy dog that hath lain asleep in the sun” Benvolio
(Described) “He is a kinsmen to the Montague, affection makes him false, he speaks not true” Benvolio
(Described) “Ancient damnation, oh most wicked fiend” Nurse
Prince of Cats Tybalt because of fencing style
What does Mercutio declare he intends to take from Prince of Cats? one of the nine lives
How is the street brawl in Act III similar to the street brawl in Act I? both start by teasing, airy word, Benvolio tries to keep the peace, both street brawls
What is ironic about Lady Capulet’s plans for Romeo after he is banished? Lady Capulet wants to use a hit man to poison Romeo and Romeo kills himself using poison
Friar Lawrence’s plan for Romeo after banishment. 1. spend the night with Juliet2. leave town early in the morning3. I will send messages about Juliet4. Let things die down5. Then I will announce the marriage and ask for pardon
Type of figurative language Mercutio likes to use. puns usually with sexual nature
What does Lord Capulet threaten to do to Juliet if she does not marry Paris? disown, disinherit, leave her out on the streets
After hearing of Romeo’s banishment and Tybalt’s death, Juliet says she is now wedded to… Death
What is the day of the week that Romeo spends the night with Juliet? Monday
Monday early-balcony9-nurse meets with Romeothen marriageRomeo kills TybaltRomeo gets planRomeo spends the night with Juliet
The relevance of the nightingale and the lark in Romeo’s and Juliet’s convo before parting? night and day birdJuliet says that it was the nightingale that they heard so Romeo does not have to leave
(literary device) parting is such sweet sorrow oxymoron/alliteration
(literary device) O Fortune, Fortune all men call the fickle alliteration/personification
(literary device) Sir Paris I will make a desperate tender of my child’s love, I think she will be ruled in all respect by me. dramatic irony
(literary device) O, serpent heart hid with a flowering face, did ever dragon keep so fair a cave antithesis
(meaning) fond foolish
(meaning)dishclout dishcloth
(meaning) ere ever/before
(meaning) unruly spleen temper
(meaning)saucy sassy
(meaning)gadding chatting
(meaning)green sickness carrion moldy meat
(meaning)cords ladder
(meaning) chop logic riddles