Romeo and Juliet Act II

What is the dramatic irony in Act II scene i Benvolio and Mercutio think Romeo is still in love with Rosaline.
Why can’t Romeo talk with Juliet Her family won’t let him get anywhere near her.
Why can’t Juliet get to Romeo? She is a girl from a rich family and would be constantly supervised and chaperoned.
Why does Juliet speak so freely about her love for Romeo? She is just being dramatic and doesn’t have any idea he can hear her.
Romeo is willing to vow his love for Juliet but what does she think the vow means? She thinks it means marriage right away.
What is Friar Lawrence’s first response to Romeo’s declaration of love? He thinks Romeo is a waverer (flakey guy).
Why does Friar Lawrence go along with the marriage plan? He hopes it will force both families to end the feud.
Who does Juliet send to give Romeo get the message from him? She sends her nurse.
What message has Tybalt sent to Romeo? He has sent a challenge for a duel.
What is Friar Lawrence’s specialty or hobby? He is an expert on plants – both beneficial and poinsonous.
How is Juliet supposed to sneak out to meet Romeo? She is supposed to go to the church for confession to see Friar Lawrence.
How long has it taken the nurse to find Romeo? Three hours.
What does the nurse think of Romeo? He is good looking but not the best choice.