Romeo and Juliet Act II

Who is the “old desire” referred to in the first line? Roselyn
Who is the “young affection” Juliet
Why are Benvolio and Mercutio making fun of Romeo? They think he is still chasing after Roselyn
what does it mean when Romeo says “he jests at scars that never felt a wound.”? Mercutio has never been in love so he doesnt know how Romeo feels
What “discussion” do Romeo and Juliet undertake concerning names? They want to change their names so they can be together
Point out two inverse feelings Juliet expresses in her speech to Romeo that begins with “Thou know’st the mask of night is on my face…” She feels like it is going too quickly but she continues to express her feelings for Romeo
Evaluate the use of moon symbolism (Romeos faith in the moon and Juliets doubt in the moon) Juliet doubts the moon because it is constantly changing and Romeo has faith in the moon because it always shines
Who is more logical in the expression of their love: Romeo or Juliet? Why? Juliet because she realizes things are going too fast.
What does Juliet ask Romeo to send her? The date and time and place that they will be married.
What similarities does Friar Laurence find between plants and man? They both have the potential for good and evil
Knowing that romeo was out all night, what does friar fear? That he was with Roselyn
what does romeo ask friar laurence? to marry him and juliet
why does friar question romeo about his interest in juliet? because he was just getting over roselyn
what contrast does romeo make concerning Rosaline and Juliet? Juliet reciprocates love and joy but roselyn never did
what effect does friar feel that the marriage of romeo and juliet might have on the montague and capulet families? unite the families and stop the feud
what does friar mean by “wisely and sloe; they stumble that run fast”? something will mess up if they move too quickly
where do Benvolio and mercutio think that Romeo has been all night? at roselyns
why would tybalt be bringing a letter to lord montague? to challenge romeo to a duel for showing up at the capulet party

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