Romeo and Juliet ACT II

the sun when Romeo sees Juliet on her balcony, he compares her to
what point is Juliet making when she speaks these lines? “what’s in a name? that which we call a rose/ by any other name would smell as sweet” she wishes Romeo would change his name
although she does not know that Romeo can hear her, Juliet asks him to refuse his name
according to Juliet, their love is too rash, sudden, and unadvised
in the scene outside juliets window, Romeo says that since it is night, he fears that the scene with Juliet is a dream
if his love is honorable, Juliet wants Romeo to send her a message about the time and place of the wedding
friar Lawrence is first shown in the drama gathering herbs
in agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet, friar Lawrence shows that he looks beyond the immediate event
benvolio and mercurio are concerned about the letter that has arrived at Romeos father’s house because they know Romeo is too distracted to fight well
what makes Romeos love for Juliet different unlike Rosaline, Juliet is a capulet
act II is mainly about Romeo and juliets decision to get married
why does friar Lawrence advise Romeo to “love moderately” just before Juliet arrives? he has seen romeo in and out of love before and hopes romeo is not acting to hastily
romeo tells juliet’s nurse that juliet shouls meet him at friar lawrence’s cell that afternoon
juliet goes tot he friar’s cell on the pretext of going to confession
juliet recognized romeo outside her balcony by his voice true
frier lawrence agrees to marry romeo and juliet because he thinks the marriage will being peace ti the feud true
benvolio and mercutio blame juliet for romeos absence after the party false
tybalt sends romeo an invitation to a party false
friar feels that young men’s love lies in the head, not the head not their hearts false
the nurse’s servant, peter, is quick to defend her against the rude treatment she recieves from mercutio and huis friends false
romeo devises the rope plan so that he juliet can consummate their marriage true
the nurse returns to juliet by noon to give her romeos message true
act II ends with the death of benvolio at the hand of one of capulets servants false
mercution “my invocation is fair and honest, and in his mistress and i conjure only but to raise up him”
romeo o, speak again bright angel, for thou art/ as glorious to this night, being o’er my head”
juliet “if thy bent of love be honorable/ thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow”
friar “wise and slow. they stumble that run fast”
nurse “if ye should lead her in a fools paradise, as/ they say, it were a very gross kind of behavior “
parting is such sweet sorrow oxymoron
else i would tear the cave where echo lies mythological illusion
scurvy knave epithet
wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast foreshadowing
a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet simile
romeo “what counterfeit did i give you?”mercutio “the slip, sir, the slip” pun
characters innermost thoughts are spoken aloud so the audience knows what the character is thinking soliloquy
nurse ” i desire sone confidence with you” Benvolio “she will endite him to some supper” malaprop
“i am no pilot; yet were thou as far/ as that vast shore washed with the farthest sea, i woukd adventure for such merchandise” nautical imagery
romeo lingers on the capulet grounds and sees Juliet appear at a window first
romeo comes for friar Lawrence early in the morning to tell him of his new love for Juliet second
romeo sends word to juliet by the nurse that juliet is to go to friars cell afternoon third
juliet eagerly awaits the nurses return to discover if romeo truly loves her and wants to marry her fourth
romeo and juliet are married last
conjure to summon (call up) as if by magic
idolatry worship of a physical object as a god
consorted associate with; hang out with
invocation a petitioning for help; a calling upon
perjury false testimony
procure to obtain or gain possession of
variable inconsistent; changing
confound to puzzle, confuse or frustrate
kinsman relatives; families
vile disgusting or utterly bad; evil

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