Romeo and Juliet – Act ii

Conjure (definition) to call forth
Who says, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound” (II, ii, 1)? Romeo
Who says “oh that I were a glove about that hand”(II, ii, 24)? Romeo
who says “wherefore are tho Romeo”(II, ii, 33)? Juliet
Wherefore (definition) why
who says “more peril in thine eye Than twenty of their swords”(II, ii, 71-72)? Romeo
who says “with loves light wings” (II, ii, 66)? Literary device? Romeo, Allusion
Who says “it is too rash, too undavis’d, too sudden,” (II, ii, 118)? Juliet
Who says ” swear not by the moon” (II, ii, 109)? Juliet
Who is stuck, like a prisoner Juliet
Gyves (definition) Shackles, get married
In the end of scene ii Romeo realizes … He has never really been in love before
Who says “titans fiery wheels” (II, iii, 4)? Literary device? Friar Lawerence, Allusion
Who says “I’ve been feasting with the enemy” (II, iii, 48)? Romeo
who says “holy saint francis”(II, iii, 65)? Friar Lawerence
What is Friar Lawerence’s tragic flaw? he does things for the greater good/thinks he can make things work for everyone
Who challenges Romeo to a dual? Tibult
Who knows Romeo has been challenged? Mercutio- who then tells Benvolio
How does Romeo try to keep his relationship with juliet a secret? He pays the Nurse to stay quiet
What day do Romeo and Juliet get married? Monday(one day after they met)
Who says “the clock stuck nine when I did send the Nurse”(II, v, 1)? Literary Device? Juliet, Soliloquy
What makes scene vi unique? Ii is one of the shortest scenes, and its the scene Romeo and Juliet get married.
who says “these violent delights have violent deaths” (II, vi, 9)? Literary device? Friar Lawrence, Foreshadowing
who says “like fire and powder” (II, vi, 10)? Literary device? Friar Lawrence, Simile
When Friar Lawrence first sees Juliet he says “here comes the lady, O so light a foot” (II, vi, 16) what does this mean about Juliet? Juliet is very pretty and its not only Romeo who sees her beauty
What is Romeo’s tragic flaw? He jumps into things too quickly

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