Romeo and Juliet Act II

What is a dramatic foil? a character who highlights the personality of another character
A dramatic foil usually _____ with the character he/she is emphasizing. contrasts
What happens in Scene 1? Benvolio and Mercutio are poking fun at Romeo because they still believe he is in love with Rosaline.
What happens in Scene 2? Romeo and Juliet talk to each other in the famous balcony scene.
When Romeo first speaks in Scene 2, to whom is he speaking? nobodyEven though Juliet is on the balcony, he is only talking to himself, and Juliet does not hear him.
What is the personification being used in the following quote from Romeo in Scene 2: “Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief.”? The sun will kill the moon, who is jealous of the sun and “pale with grief”.This is implying that the sun will take the place of the moon in the sky.(Romeo is calling Juliet the sun.)
What does Juliet mean when she says, “Wherefore art thou Romeo?”? She is asking why out of all people, Romeo has to be a Montague.
What is Romeo willing to do for Juliet in Scene 2? give up his family name
By what does Romeo swear his love to Juliet in Scene 2? How does Juliet respond to this, and what does this reveal about her fear for her love of Romeo? Romeo swears his love by the moon.Juliet does not accept this. The moon constantly changes phases, and she wants their love to be constant.Juliet is afraid that Romeo’s love for her will be inconsistent and change.
What “satisfaction” does Romeo want from Juliet in Scene 2? her hand in marriage
What does Romeo mean when he says, “O blessed, blessed night! I am afeared, being in the night, all this is but a dream, too flattering sweet to be substantial,” in Scene 2? Because it is night, Romeo is afraid that his conversation with Juliet is just a dream.
What does Juliet say that she will do when Scene 2 ends? She will send Romeo a message by nine o’ clock tomorrow.
How does Scene 3 open? Friar Lawrence in working in his garden.
What does Friar Lawrence is sinful for Romeo to be doing? How does Romeo respond? He believes that it is sinful for Romeo to be with Rosaline because his love for her is just an infatuation.Romeo says that he is not in love with Rosaline anymore.
What does Romeo ask of Friar Lawrence? How does Friar Lawrence respond? Romeo asks if Friar Lawrence can hold his marriage with Juliet.He says that he will.
Why does Friar Lawrence want Romeo and Juliet to be married? He hopes that this will end the rivalry between the Montagues and the Capulets.
How does Scene 4 open? Benvolio and Mercutio are talking with each other.
What does Benvolio say Tybalt has done at the beginning of Scene 4? Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo’s father. It is likely that the letter is asking for a duel with Romeo.
Why are Benvolio and Mercutio worried for Romeo in Scene 4? They believe that because Romeo is depressed over Rosaline, he will not be up to his game when he battles Tybalt.
What are Benvolio and Mercutio surprised to find when Romeo walks up to them? He is back to his sociable, happy self.
Who is the woman who approaches Benvolio, Mercutio, and Romeo in Scene 4? How does Mercutio initially react? the nurseMercutio pokes fun at her ugliness until she reveals who she is.
What does the nurse tell Romeo in Scene 4? At first, the nurse wanted Paris to marry Juliet, but she now believes that Romeo is more handsome and more of a gentleman.
The nurse will allow Romeo to marry Juliet under what circumstances? that Romeo will not cheat on Juliet
Where do Romeo and Juliet marry each other? at Friar Lawrence’s cell
Who does Juliet send to ask Romeo about their marriage? the nurse
What news does the nurse give Juliet in Scene 5? Romeo wants to marry Juliet at Friar Lawrence’s cell right away.
How is the nurse a dramatic foil to Juliet. In Scene 5, the nurse unintentionally stalls telling the news to Juliet about her marriage with Romeo as she suffers from aching legs and a headache.This pain is a reflection of Juliet’s anxiousness to know what Romeo says about the marriage.
What doubts and fears does Juliet express even as she realizes that Romeo loves her? – She is afraid that Romeo will change and lose interest in her just as quickly as they fell in love.- She is afraid that the family rivalry will kill Romeo.
What weaknesses in Romeo’s character does Friar Lawrence point out before agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet? How does Romeo defend himself? Seeing how Romeo immediately went from obsessing over Rosaline to obsessing over Juliet, Friar Lawrence notes that he is too quick to change and that it will be hard for him to sustain a relationship with Juliet if he is so unreliable and changeable.Romeo responds that Friar Lawrence scolded him for loving Rosaline, but the friar says that he scolded him for obsessing over her, not loving her.
Why does Friar Lawrence finally agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He believes that the marriage will end the feud between the two families.
Why does the nurse help Romeo and Juliet carry out their plan to marry each other? She finds Romeo more handsome and more of a gentleman than Paris is.
In Scene 5, what change in Romeo’s behavior causes Mercutio to say, “Now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo…”? The last time Romeo was with Benvolio and Mercutio, he was depressed over Rosaline. Upon returning to them, though, Romeo is back to his normal, happy self.
What is the role that darkness plays in Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other? Because it is hard for people to see at night, nobody sees Romeo and Juliet during the night, allowing them to talk to each other about their love without disturbance from anybody (due to the fact they are each from opposing families).
How does Juliet’s personality change in Scene 5 from when she is waiting for the nurse to come back to when she is waiting for the nurse to reveal Romeo’s message? She goes from being anxious about where the nurse could be to being anxious about what Romeo said about the marriage.
How this sentence an example of personification: “Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye, and where care lodges, sleep will never lie…”? Care is a concept, so it cannot physically see.

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