Romeo and Juliet Act I Quiz

setting Verona, Italy
two families Capulet and Montagueboth noble
Prologue/Introduction explains that the two family’s only children will fall in love and die, and that only their deaths will be able to end the feud
What family is Romeo from Montague
What family in Juliet from Capulet
where does the play begin a street fight beginning between the servants (not even blood relative) of the two families; As the fight heats up, nephews of the two lords (heads of the families), Benvolio (Montague) and Tybalt (Capulet), become involved, and Lord Capulet and Lord Montague also want to enter into the fight.
what family does Benvolio belong to Montague
what family does Tybalt belong to Capulet
who is Prince Escalus ruling monarch of Verona, Italy
who is the ruling monarch of Verona, Italy Prince Escalus
how is the street fight in the beginning of the play broken up officers amid complaints from the citizens come
what does prince Escalus do at the scene of the fight gives a stern warning that street-fighting will henceforth be punished by death and calls both lords to meet with him later in the day
Why do the Montagues stay behind after the street fight to question their kindly nephew Benvolio about their son Romeo’s whereabouts and troubling moodiness
What does Benvolio promise after the street fight to help Montagues figure out what is wrong with Romeoquestions him to find out
What does Benvolio learn after he questions Romeo Romeo is suffering from an unreturned love of a lady named Rosaline
What does Benvolio persuade Romeo to forget Rosaline by meeting other girls; Romeo grudgingly agrees to attend a party
Significance of the party at the Capulets Rosaline will be present, where Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love with her
when does the reader/spectator meet paris in a scene interupting the conversation between Benvolio and Romeo
who is Paris a kinsman (relative of the Prince), who has asked Capulet for his daughter Juliet’s hand in marriage
what is strange about Paris’ proposal to Juliet Paris has not met Juliet Juliet is only 13Even by Medieval and Renaissance traditions of arranged and early marriage, to marry so young would be extreme.
describe Capulet’s reaction to Paris’ proposal Capulet does not agree to Paris’s request, but encourages him to attend a party that night and to meet and woo Juliet.
describe Lady Capulet’s reaction to Paris’ proposal Lady Capulet is excited by the news that such a high standing man as Paris would be interested in her daughter.
who is Nurse Juliet’s nanny, humorous and somewhat rude
describe Juliet in the process of Paris’ proposal obedient
what does Lady Capulet want Juliet to do in regards to Paris and his proposal Lady Capulet tries to convince Juliet to meet Paris that evening, and to try to like him enough to agree to marry him.
who is Mercutio free-spirited, relative of the Prince, friends with Romeo
True or False: Romeo and his friends, including the free-spirited Mercutio, also a relative of the Prince, take their time going to the party at the Capulets true
what was the goal of Romeo and his friends at the party crash it
true or false: Romeo and Mercutio trade verbal jabs on the way, and Romeo expresses fatalistic misgivings about attending the party. true
misgiving a feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome or consequences of something
what is ironic about Romeo falling in love with Juliet at the party At the party, Romeo falls in love with Juliet upon seeing her (even though she is wearing a mask!).
what happens after Romeo expresses his love to her and they share a kiss Romeo leaves with his friends, only to learn, while departing, that he has fallen in love with his “enemy.” Juliet learns the same news. However, no one else knows what has happened.