Romeo and Juliet Act I

Where does the story take place? Verona, Italy
Who is the Chorus character who addresses the audience, commenting on the action
Two feuding families Capulet and Montague
Who tries to break up the fighting? Benvolio
Who tries to continue the fighting? Tybalt
What does the prince say will happen to anyone caught fighting? he will execute them
who did not hear this new law about fighting? romeo
according to lord montague, how has romeo been acting? secret and reserved, depressed
Does lord montague know why romeo has been acting depressed? no
why is romeo so unhappy because he is in love with a girl named rosaline but she doesnt notice him or love him back
what does benvolio suggest romeo do about his problem? benvolio suggests that romeo go to the capulet feast and find other women to take his mind off of rosaline
what are paris’ intentions towards juliet? he wants to marry her
what is lord capulet hosting a feast
why will it be difficult for the servant to invite the guests? because he cannot read
what does the servant ask romeo to do for him? does the servant know who romeo is? to read the guest list. he does not
who is on the guest list and is of interest to romeo rosaline
why is it dangerous going to the feast because romeo and benvolio are montagues, the enemy of the capulets, and they were not invited. if they are caught they will probably be killed
why does lady capulet come speak with juliet to ask her how she feels about marrying paris
what is juliets reaction she says she has never really thought of marriage before and is honored to even be asked but she will look and see if she likes paris, and then decide
what does this say about the type of daughter juliet is she is not like other girls who would loved to be married to anyone, but especially the great rich paris. she is living in the moment and still wants to be a child
what type of disguise does romeo use to get in the party a mask
what is romeo worried about getting caught and what the consequence might be
what is romeos reaction upon seeing juliet for the first time he is in awe because she is so beautiful
who recognizes romeos voice tybalt
what is lord capulets reaction to the news of romeo at the party he tells tybalt to leave romeo alone and let him stay because it isnt hurting anyone
how does tybalt react tybalt is angry because capulet gets mad at him. he his furious at romeo and wants him to leave
whats romeos reaction to finding out juliets identity? he knows his love is forbidden and his life is now in capulet hands
what is juliets reaction to finding out romeos identity she thinks it is terrible that she has fallen in love with her enemy