Romeo and Juliet Act I

Lady Montague/ Lord Montague are not in the play frequently because their son Romeo is a young nobleman on his own. They do not really have that much say in his activities. They don’t know that he stays out all night and he has no accountability to them.
Who is the protagonist? Romeo
How old is romeo (range)? 17, 18, 19, 20 year old
What is Romeo’s tragic flaw? He is impetuous
What does impetuous mean? acting without thinking first (impulsive)
How does Romeo prove he is passionate? He is in love with another girl, Rosaline at beginning of the play, before he meets juliet
What does Romeo’s name mean? Pilgrim to Rome
How does Romeo’s name relate to the story? he pretends that he is a pilgrim and juliet is the shrine he makes the pilgrimage to
What does Romeo suffer and die for? romantic love
What is an introvert? thoughts turned inward, means shy not outgoing or outspoken
Is romeo an introvert or extrovert? introvert
who is fatalistic and what does it mean? romeo and believes that fate, the stars control his life (zodiac sign)
Who is Benvolio? Romeo’s cousin
What does Benvolio’s name mean? wishes well for other people
What is Benvolio in the play? peacemaker, although ineffective
Who is the antagonist male? Lord Capulet
What kind of view does Lord Capulet have on marriage? traditional, believes in arranged marriage
What does Lord Capulet expect out of Juliet? complete obedience
Who is the antagonist female? Lady Capulet
What is Lady Capulet’s relationship to Juliet? Aloof- distance, cruel, stand-offish to Juliet
How does Lady Capulet see marriage? a way to better one’s position in life
How old is Juliet? 13
In comparison to Romeo’s freedom, what does Juliet have? she is under the complete control, protection of her parents
Who is the Villain? Tybalt
What is Tybalt’s nickname? prince of cats
What is Tybalt’s relationship to the capulets? nephew of lady capulet- related through marriage
What does Tybalt feel for the Montagues? unconditional hate
What character trait does Tybalt obtain? cynical
What does cynical mean? assigning a low, selfish or bad motive to another person
What is Nurse’s view on marriage? traditional
What is Nurse’s relationship to juliet? confidante, mentor, second mother, closer to Juliet then her actual mother
How does Nurse see marriage? means to have physical pleasure and to have children
Who is prince escalus? ruler of Verona, Italy
What is prince escalus in the play? peacemaker although ineffective
Who is Mercutio named after? the god Mercury who is the messenger god
What is Mercutio’s relationship to Romeo and Prince? a relative of the Prince and friend of Romeo
What character does Mercutio obtain? cynical
Is Mercutio an introvert or extrovert? extrovert
What does Mercutio’s name mean? quick-witted and quick-tempered
Who is count paris? a young nobleman, a relative of the prince
Who is Juliet’s suitor? Count Paris
Who’s blessing to marry does count paris recieve? Lady and Lord Capulet
Who is the foil to the nurse? Friar Laurence
Who is friar Laurence? franciscan priest
What is Friar Laurence to Romeo? mentor and confidante
What is Friar’s view on marriage and what is he because of this? as a way to end the feud, he is a peacemaker
How many lines for sonnet’s consist of? 14 lines
How are sonnets written? iambic pentameter
What is the iambic pentameter rhyme scheme? ABABCDCDEFEGG
What are the two households in Romeo and Juliet? Capulets and Montagues
What does Shakespeare believe about the ancient grudge between the two household? He believes that no grudge is worth the lives of two children
What does star-crossed mean in context of the play? Despite the fact their families are not in peace, Romeo and Juliet are madly in love (the stars are against them)
How do Romeo and Juliet die? suicide
How does the feud between the Capulets and Montagues end? Romeo and Juliet’s death
Who are servants similar to in present day in the play? clowns in a circus
How can capulet servants stay on the right side of the law? By not letting the Montagues’ actions bother them and stay away from unpeaceful actions.
How does Sampson plan to provoke the Montague servants into fighting FIRST? By biting his thumb and frowning upon the Montagues
What is equivalent to sticking up your middle finger in the play? biting your thumb
What does Benvolio do to stop the servants from fighting? draws his sword
What does Tybalt say in the first two lines of the play? He wants to fight and hurt Sampson and Gregory

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