Romeo and Juliet Act Five

What is the name of Romeo’s servant? Balthasar
What news does Romeo’s servant bring Romeo? Juliet is dead.
What is an apothecary? Someone who sells drugs.
What does the apothecary sell Romeo? Drugs
Who was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo? Friar John
Why wasn’t the letter delivered? He could not leave town because of sickness.
After discovering that the letter was not delivered, what does Friar Laurence do? Goes to Juliet
Who is at Juliet’s tomb when Romeo arrives? Paris
What does Paris think Romeo is doing by showing up at Juliet’s tomb? Dishonoring her name and death
What is Paris doing at the tomb? Taking her flowers as a burial duty.
What does Romeo give his servant to give to his father? A letter
What happens to Romeo directly after he drinks the potion? He dies
What will the Capulets do in Romeo’s honor and memory? Give a dowry
Who says, “Then I defy the stars!” Romeo
Who says, “I dreamt my lady came and found me dead.” Romeo
If the law finds out what the apothecary sold to Romeo, how will he be punished? He will be put to death.
Romeo tells his servant he wants to do two things in Juliet’s tomb. What are those two things? 1. behold Juliet’s face 2. take the ring from her finger
Who says, “Oh happy dagger!” Juliet