Romeo and Juliet act 5 vocab

Presage Something that foreshadows the future event, for knowledge of the future; to project to foreshadow
Penury Extreme poverty, destitution, indignace, want
Dispatch To send away with promptness or speed; quickness haste expediency
Cordial Courteous and gracious, friendly; strong, sweetened ironic medicine, liqueur
Peruse To read or to examine, to read with Thoroughness or care, to observe carefully
Interred Placed in a grave or tomb, buried, buried hastily
Inauspicious Unfavorable, unfortunate, ill predictions, ill omen, contrary to your welfare
Engrossing Something that completely occupies or absorbs, preoccupies
Thwart To effectively oppose or stop, to prevent the occurrence of, to frustrate, baffle, foil
Rigor Strictness, severity, or harshness in dealing with people, full severity of the law

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