Romeo and Juliet Act 5 Study Set

Explain in detail Romeo’s dream early in Scene One of Act 5 Juliet found Romeo lying dead. Juliet kissed him and breathed new life into him. He felt like an Emperor.
What does Romeo expect from Verona? happy news from Verona. He thought that he would get a letter from the Friar about Juliet and her family
What news does Romeo receive from Verona? bad news from Balthasar (Juliet’s death)
What does Romeo mean in this line, “Well Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight.” Romeo is using foreshadowing to show that he will kill himself shortly. He is saying that soon he will be dead along with Juliet.
What is the penalty for selling poison in Mantua? death
Why does Romeo think he can buy poison nevertheless? because the apothecary is desperate for money because of how poor and ill he is.
For what kind of poison does Romeo ask the apothecary? for poison that gets the job done. He wants a quick reaction so that he dies instantly without pain. He wants something as fast as gunpowder in a canon.
What does Romeo mean when he says to the apothecary, ” I sell thee poison, thou hast sold me none”? the money/gold that Romeo is selling the apothecary will cause more trouble than the actual poison.
Why does Romeo call the poison a cordial? because this poison will help the mourning of his heart like medicine. He will finally be in peace with Juliet.
What problem has occurred in carrying out Friar Laurence’s plan? – that the letter explaining the secret plan was never delivered to Romeo. Friar John was supposed to deliver it to Romeo but Friar John went to get another Friar to accompany him, but he was visiting the sick. Then Friar John went to find a Friar for the second time. Unfortunately, the friars that he went to find the second time were both suspected to have plague, because of this, they were quarantined along with Friar John. He was unable to deliver the letter to Mantua and returned it to Friar Laurence when he got out. – by the time that Friar Laurence heard that Friar John was quarantined, it was too late to send another letter- the wedding was moved up a day
Why is Paris in the churchyard in this scene? Paris is in the churchyard to pay respects to his dead fiancé. He placed flowers on her tomb.
Retell in your own words the instructions Romeo gives Balthazar. to take the letter that Romeo wrote and deliver it to his parents. to stay away from the monument in the cemetery. and not watch him. If he did this, he would be killed. Romeo explained this in a very graphic way.
What reasons does Romeo give Balthazar for going into the tomb? Romeo states that he wants to see her one last time and to remove her ring.
What does Balthazar do? he tells Romeo that he is leaving, but he hides and watches Romeo because he is suspicious.
What does Paris think when he sees Romeo in the churchyard? Paris thinks that he is trying to mess with the family’s tombs. He thinks that Romeo is going to mess with the bodies, vandalize things, and steal. In other words, he thinks that he is trying to disturb the peace. Paris blames Romeo for Juliet’s death because she “died out of grief.”
Does Romeo intend to kill Paris when he sees him in the churchyard? Explain how you know this. No, Romeo does not intend to kill Paris until he picks a fight. Romeo rejects Paris’ challenge. He tries to explain that he is only there to harm himself and that Paris should leave before something happens. We know this because after he kills him, Romeo looks at Paris in grief. All he wanted to do was to die with Juliet. Paris was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
When Romeo gazes on Juliet in the tomb, what does he notice about Juliet’s appearance? Romeo notices that Juliet is very beautiful and that she seems to be getting the life back in her appearance. Her cheeks and lips are gaining color.
Why does she look this way? She looks this way because she is getting her color back. This shows that she is waking up from her heavy sleep. Her blood is recirculating.
Why does Friar Laurence leave the scene of the tomb deaths? he realizes that he is stuck in the middle of the situation. he hears people coming and is afraid that he will be caught and suffer the consequence. By the looks of the scene, it is believable that he is the murderer. He doesn’t want to get in trouble for something that he didn’t do. He is a coward
What offer does Friar Laurence make AFTER he recounts all the details of what happened? offers to die if the information he told the Prince is not correct.
Do you think any of this is the Friar’s fault? Explain. I think that this is the Friar’s fault. All of his poor decisions leaded up to this event. I also think that the Nurse is to blame. I believe this because she urged Juliet to go ahead with the marriage between her and Paris.
How does the Prince react after he has read Romeo’s letter to Lord Montague? The Prince reacts in an angry manner and blames the death on the families feud. The prince realizes that the friar’s explanation is true. The prince says this is the way of the heavens punishing them.
What conclusion does the Prince draw about the cause of ALL the deaths? He says that the deaths were the heavens way of punishing them for the family’s feuds
Choose one instance of dramatic irony in Act 5 and explain it in a 5 sentence paragraph. An example of dramatic irony in act five is the death scene. This entire scene was filled with dramatic irony. One example is when Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead. We know that she is in fact not dead, just under a poisonous sleep. I was on the edge of my seat because if Juliet would have woken up any earlier, they could have had a happy life in Mantua. Another example is when the audience knows about Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, but Paris does not. It is unfortunate because this costed Paris’ life.
What is an example of Culled from Romeo and Juliet? Friar Laurence (selected, gathered) herbs.
What is an example of penury from Romeo and Juliet? The apothecary sold poison because of his (poverty).
What is an example of disperse from Romeo and Juliet? Romeo wanted poison that would (scatter in various directions) throughout his veins.
What is an example of Vengeance of Romeo and Juliet? Paris thought Romeo had come to Juliet’s tomb for (punishing another in return for injury).
What is an example of abhorred from Romeo and Juliet? Romeo says death is a monster to be (hated intensely).