Romeo and Juliet Act 5 Quiz Study Guide

misadventure unlucky accident; mishap
penury extreme poverty
haughty proud; arrogant; self-important: conceited
inauspicious unfavorable; unlucky
discern recognize; identify
devise workout or create; plan; invent
When and where does scene 1 take place? Thursday afternoon in a street in Mantua
Why is Romeo feeling cheerful at the very beginning of Scene 1? He was just recently married and he feels positive
What did Romeo dream? He dreams of Juliet finding Romeo dead and Juliet kisses him and revives him.
What news does Romeo expect to hear from Verona? Instead, what news does his servant Balthasar bring Romeo? Good news but Romeo gets bad news that Juliet has died
After hearing the news, where does Romeo plan to go? He is going back to Verona for Juliet
Why does Paris go to the Capulet tom in the churchyard? to mourn Juliet’s death
What is the penalty for selling poisons in Mantua? Death
What kind of poison does Romeo ask to buy from the apothecary? A poison that will kill him fast and help him commit suicide
What does Romeo mean when he says to the apothecary, ” I sell thee poison, thou hast sold me none”? He doesn’t see the poison as a poison because it helps him to be with Juliet.
why does Romeo call the poison a cordial? it is helping him to get to Juliet; it is beneficial
What does the speed with which Romeo makes the poison decision tell you about his character? He is extremely impulsive
When and where does scene 2 take place? Thursday morning at Friar Lawrence’s cell
How do you think Paris feels about Juliet? Paris loves Juliet deeply
Retell the instructions Romeo gives Balthasar Take the letter and deliver it to Romeo’s father. The letter will be a suicide note. The letter will explain why Romeo died. Romeo said not to interfere what he does in the tomb. If he interferes Romeo will kill him
What is Romeo’s real reason for sending Balthasar away from the tomb? So Balthasar doesn’t try to stop Romeo from killing himself
What does Balthasar do when he is sent away from Romeo? Why? He hides near the tomb because he is afraid that Romeo is in trouble
Explain what Paris thinks when he sees Romeo at Juliet’s tomb He thinks that Romeo is there to disturb the peace and bodies; Montague and enemy
Does Romeo intend to kill Paris when Romeo see him in the churchyard? How do you know? No, he asks him to leave multiple times ( Romeo doesn’t realize it’s Paris)
What effect does Paris’ last request have on Romeo? Romeo is touched by his last request ( Paris asked to be by Juliet)
What does Romeo notice about Juliet’s appearance? Juliet looks more alive than dead
Why does Juliet look more alive than dead? Juliet is actually alive
When Romeo says, “Here’s to my love!” what does he do? Romeo drinks the poison
Whose forgiveness does Romeo ask before he kills himself? Romeo asks for Tybalt’s forgiveness
What does Friar Lawrence find when he enters the tomb? Paris and Romeo are dead
Where does Friar Lawrence want to take Juliet? Why? To covenant with the nuns for safety
Why does Friar Lawrence leave the tomb? He hears people coming
How does Juliet kill herself? She stabs herself with Romeo’s knife.
Who is the last person to die in the play “Romeo and Juliet”? What causes that person’s death? Lady Montague because she died of grief ( Romeo was banished)
Who tells the story of the events to the Prince and the bereaved families? Friar Lawrence
What offer does Friar Lawrence make at the end of his monologue? They could kill him if he is guilty
What conclusion does Prince Escalus draw about the cause of all the deaths? The feud
How does the Prince react after he has read Romeo’s letter that Balthasar had? The letter proves what Friar Lawrence said
What does the Prince mean when he says, “All are punished’? Everyone has suffered
At the conclusion of the play, what happens between the Capulets and the Montagues? they build statures of Romeo and Juliet which signify that the feud is over
In the final act, how are romeo’s actions guided more by emotion that reason? He just killed himself and ignored all the signs about Juliet being alive
List the people who have died + family connections Mercutio – M, Tybalt- C, Lady M – M, Paris – C, Romeo – M, Juliet – C