Romeo and Juliet Act 5 Questions

Where does Scene 1 take place? Scene 1 takes place in Mantua where Romeo has been banished.
What was Romeo’s dream? Romeo dreams that Juliet finds him dead and brings him back to life as an emperor with her kisses.
Who brings Romeo the news that Juliet is dead? Balthasar, Romeo’s servant, brings him the news that Juliet is dead and was buried in the Capulet tomb.
Why does Romeo go to the Apothecary? Romeo goes to the Apothecary to buy poison.
How much does Romeo pay for the poison? Romeo pays 40 ducats for the poison.
Why does the Apothecary hesitate in selling Romeo the poison? The Apothecary hesitates in selling Romeo the poison because it is against the law in Mantua to sell the substance
What persuades the Apothecary to go ahead and sell Romeo the poison? Because of his extreme poverty, the Apothecary consents to sell Romeo the poison.
Who does Friar Laurence entrust with the important letter to Romeo? Friar Laurence entrusts the important letter to Friar John to deliver to Romeo. This letter explains to Romeo about Juliet’s pretended death and tells him to be at the tomb when she wakes up.
Why is the letter not delivered to Romeo? Friar John is not able to deliver the letter because he is quarantined while visiting the sick.
How long does the Friar say it will it be before Juliet wakes up? Juliet is due to wake up in about three hours.
Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb? Paris has come to Juliet’s tomb to bring flowers and weep.
Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the Capulet tomb? Paris believes that Romeo has come to the tomb to do damage to the bodies of Tybalt and Juliet.
Who kills Paris? Romeo kills Paris.
What is Paris’ last request? As he dies, Paris’ last request is to lie beside Juliet.
If Romeo had not been so hasty in drinking the poison, what would he have noticed about Juliet? If Romeo had not been so hasty in drinking the poison, he would have understood why Juliet’s lips and cheeks were crimson. She was beginning to wake up from the potion.
Where does Friar Laurence want to take Juliet? When Juliet wakes up, Friar Laurence is there and wants to take her to a “sisterhood of holy nuns.”
How does Juliet kill herself? Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s dagger.
Name the people who have died in scene 3. Paris, Lady Montague, Romeo, and Juliet have all died in this scene.
Who is suspected the most as a murderer and why? Friar Laurence is suspected the most because he is carrying tools for digging and opening tombs.
What four accounts does the Prince hear? When the Prince wants to know what has happened, Friar Laurence, Balthasar, the Page, and the contents of the letter in Balthasar’s possession all give the same account of the events.

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