Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Tragedy A drama in which the central character meets with disaster or great misfortune. The central character’s downfall is usually the result of fate or a serious character flaw or a combination of the two. Other causes may also be involved. Though flawed, the tragic hero/heroine is usually of noble stature and basically good. The downfall always seems worse than what the character deserves. A great tragedy is not depressing. It uplifts the audience by showing what greatness of spirit human beings are capable of
Theme The central idea or insight about like revealed in a work of literature. In a tragedy, the theme will concern the downfall of the hero/heroine – or both. It will be an idea or insight that explains why the central character suffers a downfall
remnants remaining persons or things
________ of packthread, and old cakes of roses… remnants
penury extreme poverty
Noting this ______ to myself I said… penury
haughty arrogant
This is that banished ________ Montague… haughty
sepulcher tomb
The stony entrance of this _________ sepulcher
ambiguities statements or events whose meanings are unclear
Till we can clear these ________ ambiguities
scourge whip or other instrument for inflicting punishment
See what a _________ is laid upon your hate… scourge
peruse look over
In faith, I will. Let me _______ this face peruse
At the start of Scene 1, why is Romeo happy and expecting joyful news? Throughout the play, Romeo has believed in dreams. He says that his dreams have predicted some joyful news
What unforeseen occurrence revealed in Scene 2 ruins Friar Lawrence’s plan? The friar who was to take the letter to Romeo was stopped and quarantined by the health authorities. He could not give the letter to Romeo
Why does the Friar go to Juliet’s tomb? He wants to be there when she wakes up so he can taker her to his cell until he can send for Romeo
What causes Paris and Romeo to fight? Paris believes that Juliet died because she was heartbroken about Tybalt, who was killed by Romeo. He suspects that Romeo has come to vandalize the tomb.
How do Romeo and Juliet die? Believing Juliet dead, Romeo takes poison. Juliet wakes up and sees the dead Romeo, so she stabs herself with his dagger.
How does the relationship of the feuding families change at the end of the play? The father’s shake hands and end their feud. Each says he will erect a monument in memory of the other man’s child.
Hearing Balthasar’s report of Juliet’s death, Romeo exclaims, “Then I defy you, stars!” What might he mean by this? How are his words consistent with what you know of his character? Romeo says he is challenging fate, that nothing can keep hi from Juliet. They are the angry words of a rash and impulsive person.
Explain why the following words of Romeo over Juliet’s body are ironic-Death, that hath sucked the honey of they breath,Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.Thou art not conquered. Beauty’s ensign yetIs crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks,And death’s pale flag is not advanced there Romeo sees the evidence that Juliet is not really dead, but ironically he is too distracted to understand what he himself sees and says
Tell why you think that either character or chance plays the greater role in bringing about the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. There are many mischances that suggest the role of fate in tragedy. However, there are also instances of rash and impulsive behavior, especially on Romeo’s part.
In a good play, the ending develops from the preceding action. How would preceding events have to be changed so that Romeo and Juliet could have a happy ending? The Friar’s plan had not gone amiss
What character traits of the lovers may have led to their destruction? The lovers are impulsive, quick to act, stubborn, and insistent on having their way
What events reveal the tragic influence of fate or chance? The chance meeting of Romeo and Juliet as he overheard her speaking from the balcony, and the circumstances that keep Friar John from delivering the letter
What other causes or conditions are important to the way events turn out? A key cause is the feud between the two families
Using your answers to preceding questions, write a 1-sentence statement of the theme of Romeo and Juliet. A combination of fate and character flaws leads to the destruction of the hero and the heroine
Metaphorical Language involves a comparison of unlike things.Ex: When Paris is standing over the apparently lifeless body of Juliet, he says, “Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed I strew…” He is comparing Juliet to a flower and her tomb to a bridal bed. Such metaphorical language deepens meaning and expresses feelings and emotions in a way that ordinary, plain language often cannot. To interpret metaphorical, 1st clarify what the subject of comparison is. Then clarify what the subject is being compared to. Finally ask “What ideas, feelings, emotions are suggested by the comparison?”
“My bosom’s lord sits lightly in his throne…” My heart feels light in my breast—I am happy
“There is thy gold-worse poison to men’s souls…” Gold is a more powerful corrupter of men’s souls than poison is a destroyer of their bodies
“Thou detestable maw,…/Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth…” The tomb is like a mouth or a stomach into which Juliet has been placed. This metaphor suggests Romeo’s feelings of disgust and horror

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