Romeo and Juliet Act 5.3 195-310

Chase Crawford What’s all this noise early in the morning?
Billy Rae Cyrus What’s all this yelling about?
Leticia Tish Cyrus I hear people yelling “Ryan”! “Miley”! “Ed”! They are all running to Miley’s grave.
Chase Crawford What’s the situation?
Watchman 1 Sir, I found Ed stabbed to death, Ryan is dead, and Miley freshly wounded.
Chase Crawford Search for the murderer.
Watchman 1 I found the priest. He has the shovel that dug up the grave.
Billy Rae Cyrus Oh my God! My poor daughter! Look at her wound; it’s bleeding like crazy! This knife should have been stabbed on this Murphy instead of my beautiful daughter.
Leticia Tish Cyrus This tragic death is a sign that I am soon going to die. I’m getting old!(Enter Chris Hemsworth and Personal Attendants)
Chase Crawford Come here, Chris, since you’re up so early to see your son sleeping.
Chris Hemsworth Sir, my wife died tonight. She died grieving for our son because of his exile. How much pain can I endure at my old age?
Chase Crawford Look over there.
Chris Hemsworth Oh my God! My son has the worst manners. He died earlier than me. I thought I taught him better!
Chase Crawford Calm yourself before you go on a rampage. We first need to find out how this happened and who did it. In the meantime, have patience. Bring the men of suspicion.
Phillip I am the one to be mostly blamed for, though I could do less. I am the one who should be suspicious about, since I was at the scene of the crime. You may question and punish me, but I have already condemned and forgave myself.
Chase Crawford Tell us the real story.
Phillip I will be short on my story so I won’t bore you. Ryan was the husband of Miley, and Miley was a faithful wife to him. I married them on Tyron’s day of death. His tragic death caused Ryan to be banished from the city, whom Miley was grieving for, not Tyron. To cure her sadness, you, Chris, arranged a marriage with Ed and her. She comes to me with wild plans in order to get out of the second marriage. If she couldn’t find a way to get out of this marriage, she vowed that she would kill herself. That’s when I gave her the sleeping potion, which “killed” her for forty-two hours. In the meantime, I wrote to Ryan explaining him the situation and asking him to come in the night she woke up, so that they could run away together. But Father John came back with my letter because the epidemiologist thought he had been infected with the plague, so they didn’t allow him leave New York City. So I quickly went to Miley’s grave to dig her up. But when I came, I found Ryan and Ed dead, and Miley was about to wake up any minute. I dug her up and she was already wide awake. I urgently told her that we had to go before they catch us. But I heard a noise and I ran away quickly, and Miley was too desperate to come with me, so she killed herself. Roxy knows about the marriage, too. If any part of this is my fault, let the cruelest punishments be inflicted upon me so I could suffer the most.
Chase Crawford We have always known you to be a holy man. Where’s Ryan’s man? What does he have to say about this?
Walter Velasquez I brought the news of Miley’s death to Mr. Murphy, and he immediately came to Miley’s grave. He gave me a letter to give to his father, and threatened that if I didn’t get out of here, then my punishment would be death.
Chase Crawford Give me the letter. I’ll look at it. Where is Ed’s personal attendant, the one that called the police? Boy, what was Mr. Westwick doing here?
Personal Attendant He came with flowers to spread on his fiance’s grave. And he asked me to stand far away and leave him alone, and so I did. I saw someone with a light approaching the grave. So Mr. Westwick started to fight with him. And then I ran away to call the police.
Chase Crawford This letter confirms the report of Father Lawrence because it mentions the their love and the death of Miley. It also says that Ryan bought poison from Rider so he could drink it and die with Miley. Where are these two rivals? Chris! Billy! Look what happened because you people hate each other. Hate creates evil deeds. Heaven found a way to kill your precious joys with love. Because of this annoying feud, some family members of mine have been killed! Everyone is punished.
Billy Ray Cyrus Chris, give me your hand. This is my daughter’s marriage settlement. I can’t demand any more.
Chris Hemsworth But I can give you more. I’ll make sure that she is remembered. As long as this city is called New York City, there will be no figure praised more than true and faithful Miley.
Billy Ray Cyrus I will also make sure that Ryan is remembered. He will lie beside his lady. They were poor sacrifices of our rivalry!

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