Romeo and Juliet act 5

What was supposed to have reached Romeo before the news? a letter from Friar Lawrence, carried by Friar John
Explain Balthesar’s misdirected message. Romeo says nothing can be ill if Juliet is well, and Balthasar replies, then nothing can be ill, for she is well….she’s in heaven!
What is different about Romeo’s attitute towards fate (and the stars)? Romeo says, Then I defy you stars,” meaning he will try to defy fate and take his own life
What does the apothecary need? money
What does Romeo need? poison
Why couldn’t Friar John get to Mantua? he was quarantined due to plague
Why does Friar Lawrence change his initial plan? he plans on rescuing Juliet himself and asks for a crowbar from friar John
In Paris’s mind, why does Romeo come to the tomb? to dishonor the corpse of Tybalt or Juliet
How does Shakespeare use language to highlight the contrast between Paris and Romeo?
When Friar arrives what does he find? he finds Paris and Romeo both dead and Juliet still asleep
How does Friar promise to help juliet go on with life? she can live with the nuns
Why does Friar leave the tomb without Juliet? he knows she wants to simply die
What double loss had Lord Montague sustained? the death of his wife and Romeo
Is Friar’s explanation of events honest? he explains that he secretly married Juliet and Romeo and blames their deaths on a family fued and his own wrongdoings
How does the prince express guilt?
What do the two Lords promise? put their vendetta behind them and erect gold statues of the two lovers