Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Who told the families about Romeo and Juliet being married? Friar Lawrence
“For never was a story of more woe, then this of Juliet and her Romeo.” The Prince
What does Romeo drink that kills him? Poison
How does Juliet kill herself? Dagger
Who does Romeo get the poison from? The apothecary
“Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy!” Romeo
“O, I am slain! If thou be merciful, open the tomb, lay me with Juliet.” Paris
“Alack, alack, what blood is this which stains the stony entrance of this sepulcher?” Friar Lawrence
“Romeo! O, pale! Who else? What, Paris too?” Friar Lawrence
“As rich shall Romeo’s by his lady’s lie—- poor sacrifices of our enmity!” Lord Capulet
Why does the apothecary sell Romeo the poison? He needs the money; Romeo bribes him
Who does Romeo slay outside the Capulet’s tomb? Paris
Who first discovers Romeo’s body? Friar Lawrence
What does Montague offer to do to honor Juliet? Build a gold monument
What day(s) of the week is/are covered in Act 5 Wednesday, Thursday
Who tells Romeo that Juliet is dead? Balthasar
What does Romeo plan to do with the poison? Take it in the Capulet tomb and die beside Juliet
What has Romeo dreamed about? Juliet finding him dead and reviving him with kisses
What is Romeo waiting for? Balthasar to arrive with news from Verona
_______________ wanders the streets of Mantua, mulling over a dream he had the night before where__________ was dead. Romeo, he
Then, ____________arrives from Verona with the news of Juliet’s apparent suicide. Balthasar
Romeo immediately orders Balthasar to prepare a horse so he can rush to Verona and see Juliet’s body. Meanwhile, he writes a _________ for Balthasar to give to_____________, explaining the situation. letter, Friar Lawrence
Finally, before he leaves Mantua, Romeo buys some poison from a poor _________________. Apothecary
What was Romeo’s dream at the beginning of this scene? Romeo dreamed he was dead and Juliet brought him back to life as an emperor by kissing him.
What question does Romeo ask of Balthasar (Man) after he hears this news? ‘Don’t you have a letter for me from the friar?’
What reply does Romeo make? Why is this ironic? Romeo replies that ‘he’ll lie with Juliet tonight’. This is ironic because he ends up killing himself, and Juliet is actually alive.
What curse does Romeo make? Explain the significance of this. He curses against the stars, he wants to defy fate and die with Juliet and not when the stars want him to.
What instructions does Romeo give to Balthasar (Man)? Where will Romeo go this night? Romeo tells Balthasar to get horses to go to Verona; Verona
What is an apothecary? Describe the apothecary and his shop. Apothecary: pharmacistHe’s very poor, wears shaggy clothes, looks poor and miserable, worn to the bone, and has bushy eyebrows.He makes drugs from herbs, has a tortoise shell, has stuffed alligator, has skins of strange fish, green clay, pots, musty seeds. string, mashed rose petals.
Why does Romeo go to this particular apothecary and not another? The Apothecary needs money as he is very poor, and poison is illegal in Mantua. However, the apothecary will sell it to him as he needs money.
Why doesn’t the apothecary want to sell the poison to Romeo? He’ll be killed if anyone finds out
Why does he finally agree to sell it? He’s being payed because he’s poor
How strong is the poison? Strong enough to kill 20 men
According to Romeo, what is the worst poison for men’s souls? Money
What does Romeo plan to do with the poison? Drink it by Juliet in the Capulet’s tomb
What had Friar Laurence been expecting Friar John to bring him? A letter from Romeo
What does Friar Laurence ask Friar John to bring him? A crowbar
What frightening realization does Friar Laurence come to? Romeo can’t possibly know that Juliet is faking her death
Where is Romeo likely headed? To the Capulet tomb
Why was Friar John unable to go to Mantua? Authorities quarantined him because he was visiting the sick who might have the plague
Back in Verona, _________________, who was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo telling him about the plan, apologizes to Friar Laurence for his inability to complete the task. Friar John
Apparently, during his journey, some people believed that Friar John carried the _________________ and locked him in a house. Plague
Friar Laurence realizes that this new wrinkle derails his plan, so he immediately orders a _________________ so that he can rescue ___________ from the Capulet tomb. crowbar, Juliet
What news was in the message given to Friar John? That Juliet wasn’t dead
If Romeo has received this message, how would the play have ended? Happily
True or False: Romeo takes his own life with Juliet’s dagger False
How do the Capulets and Montagues plan to honor their dead children? They’ll construct gold statues
Who dies from grief? Lady Montague
Who does Romeo kill at the tomb? Paris
What reasons does Romeo give Balthasar for going into the Capulet monument? To remove his ring from Juliet’s finger
Mournful _____________ and his Page stand guard at Juliet’s tomb so that no one will rob the vault. Paris
Romeo and ___________________ arrive, and Paris tries to restrain Romeo, who is focused on breaking into the tomb. Balthasar
Paris recognizes Romeo as the man who killed _________, and believes that he has come to _________________ Juliet’s corpse. Tybalt, ruin
Their argument escalates into a sword fight, and Romeo kills _____________. Paris’ Page rushes away to fetch the City Watchmen. Paris
Romeo opens the tomb and finds Juliet’s body. Understandably devastated, he sits next to his beloved and _________ the Apothecary’s poison, kisses Juliet, and then _____________. takes, dies
Meanwhile, _________________________ arrives at the Capulet tomb to find Paris’s body outside the door. Friar Lawrence
As planned, the potion ____________- off and Juliet _______________- in the tomb, finding Romeo’s dead body beside her. When she sees the poison, she realizes what has happened. kills Romeo, wakes up
She _____________ Romeo in hopes that the poison will________________ her as well, but it doesn’t work. kisses, kill
From outside the tomb, ______________________ begs Juliet to exit the vault and flee, but she chooses to kill herself with Romeo’s______________-. Friar Lawrence, dagger
Soon thereafter, Prince Escalus arrives, accompanied by the City Watchmen and the patriarchs of the feuding families. Lord Montague announces that________________________has died from a broken heart as a result of Romeo’s banishment. Lady Montague
To make amends for Juliet’s death, Lord Montague promises to erect a ______________________of her for all of Verona to admire. statue
Not to be outdone, Capulet promises to do the same for Romeo. _____________________ ends the play by celebrating the end of the ______________, but lamenting the deaths of the young lovers, claiming, “For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” Prince Escales, fued
Why has Paris come to the Capulet’s tomb? To pay his respects to Juliet
What instructions does Paris give to his servant? Burn the torch out, go hide in the tree and alert me if anyone comes by
Why has Romeo come to the tomb? To kill himself and be with Juliet
What instructions does he give to Balthasar? Go away or else I’ll kill you
What does Balthasar do instead of following these instructions? Hides nearby to observe the scene
When Romeo opens the tomb, to what does he compare it? A monster
Why does Paris feel that he should fight Romeo? Murdered Tybalt
How does Romeo try to persuade Paris to leave the tomb? Says he’ll kill him otherwise
What happens to Paris? Where does he want to be “buried”? Paris dies. ‘Lay me next to Juliet’
As Romeo reflects upon Paris’ death, what does he recall? He’s Mercutio’s cousin
When Romeo sees Juliet, what is his reaction to her beauty? Why is this ironic? He thinks she still looks beautiful, like she’s alive because she’s waking up.
When Romeo addresses the dead Tybalt, what does he tell him? Begs him to forgive him
What suggestion does Friar Lawrence make to Juliet in order to get her to leave the tomb? Join a covenant, start over
Why does Friar Lawrence leave the tomb without her? He’s scared
What is Juliet’s reaction when she sees Romeo dead? He’s rude for not leaving any poison for her.
How does Juliet first try to end her life? By kissing Romeo
How does she finally succeed in ending her life? Romeo’s dagger
What “evidence” do the watchmen find when the come to the tomb? Romeo and Juliet dead
Which people are rounded up as suspects in the case? Friar Lawrence and Balthasar
Why is Friar Lawrence suspected of doing something bad? He ran away
What two people tell the Prince the story about Romeo and Juliet? Friar Lawrence, Balthasar
Why is the Prince convinced that the story that these two people tell him is true? Reads the letter, Friar Lawrence is a holy man
What are the Prince’s parting words? Why do you think Shakespeare chose the Prince to say these words? There was never a story more full of pain than the story of Romeo and Juliet. (to show how dreadful true love was, to not romanticize suicide)