Abhor DEFINITION: to regard with extreme repugnance
Apprehend DEFINITION: to capture
Canopy DEFINITION: cover or protection
Contempt DEFINITION: the feeling that a person is beneath consideration
Disperse DEFINITION: to spread over a wide area
Inexorable DEFINITION: impossible to stop
Penury DEFINITION: extreme poverty or lack of resource
Presage DEFINITION: sign of prediction that something bad will happen
Remnants DEFINITION: remains or leftovers of something
Wretched DEFINITION: for a person in an unhappy or unfortunate state
Abhor SYNONYM: hate
Apprehend SYNONYM: capture
Canopy SYNONYM: cover
Contempt SYNONYM: dislike
Disperse SYNONYM: scatter
Inexorable SYNONYM: unstoppable
Penury SYNONYM: poor
Presage SYNONYM: foreshadow
Remnants SYNONYM: leftovers
Wretched SYNONYM: horrid
Abhor ANTONYM: love
Apprehend ANTONYM: release
Canopy ANTONYM: floor
Contempt ANTONYM: like
Disperse ANTONYM: gather
Inexorable ANTONYM: easy to stop
Penury ANTONYM: wealthy people
Presage ANTONYM: daft (clueless)
Remnants ANTONYM: beginning
Wretched ANTONYM: lovely