Romeo and Juliet Act 5

What does Romeo’s dream foreshadow? TO when he will die and Juliet will kiss him
What news does Balthasar bring Romeo? How does Romeo react? Why is Balthasar worried about his reaction? He says he saw Juliet dead and being carried to the monument. Romeo is pale and curses the stars for their “star-crossed” ill-fated love and Balthasar thinks Romeo might try to kill himself
What does Romeo buy from the apothecary? What is his plan? Drugs to kill himself at the Capulet Monument and lay next to Juliet
At what time does Act 5 scene 2 take place? (Friar John’s panic) Thursday evening, three hours until Juliet awakens
Why wasn’t Friar John able to deliver the letter explaining Friar Laurence’s plan? The health officers ceased Friar John because they suspected he might be infected with the plague
How does Friar John’s reason for not delivering the letter relate to prior events? Mercutio died and cursed a plague on both their houses
Why is the fact the the letter didn’t make it to Romeo so upsetting to Friar? Friar needs Romeo to know Juliet isn’t actually dead so he can go and rescue her from the monument
Why is Paris in the churchyard? To see Juliet and morn her because they were going to be married
When they arrive at the Capulet’s tomb what does Romeo ask Balthasar to do and what does he actually do? He asks him to go away and not even try to help him. Balthasar instead hides behind a tree to watch
What reasons does Romeo give for wanting to descend into the Capulet tomb alone? He doesn’t want another sin (for killing Paris) on his head, He needs to see Juliet, and he is going to kill himself anyways
Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb? To do some villainous thing to the dead body of Juliet
Explain what happens between Romeo and Paris in the courtyard They fight and Romeo kills Paris
What is Paris’s last request? To be layed next to JUliet
When in the tomb, Romeo sees Tybalt’s body. What does he do? He asks for forgiveness, this is an apostrophe
What does Romeo blame for Juliet’s death and their situation? The stars
What is it about Juliet that should have told Romeo she was not dead Her rosy lips and cheeks
What happens to Romeo? He drinks the medicine drugs and dies next to Juliet
What is the first question Juliet asks Friar when she awakens? Where is Romeo?
Why doesn’t Friar stay in the tomb with Juliet? The Watchmen are coming
Why does Juliet kiss Romeo after he is dead? To try to get remains of poison off his lips so she can die too
Why is everyone so surprised Juliet is stabbed? Because she was already “dead”
When Montague arrives, what does he tell everyone? That his wife has died from a broken heart from Romeo’s exile
Who explains the events that led to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet to the Prince? Friar Laurence
What information does Romeo’s letter give? That Romeo bought poison to kill himself and lay with Juliet
How do Montague and Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children? Build a golden statue of Juliet in Verona