Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Describe the dream that Romeo has just had at the beginning of Scene 1? Romeo thinks he is dead and Juliet kissed him. He came back to life and became emperor
Who brings news from Verona? What is the news? Balthasaar comes to tell Romeo of Juliet’s “death”
Write down three odd things Romeo noticed in the apothecary shop. the old man was frail, a stuffed alligator, and dusty seeds
Why is it difficult to get poison in Mantua? Why does Romeo believe this apothecary will sell him some despite this? selling poison is illegal; the man is poor
In Scene 2, what is Friar John’s excuse for not having delivered the letter to Romeo? The guards would not let him in because they thought that he was infectednwith the plague
What is Friar Laurence’s plan of action once he realizes Romeo hasn’t received his letter? He will send Romeo another letter and wake Juliet
Who is the first person to arrive at Juliet’s tomb in Scene 3? Why is he there? Paris; to mourn and lay flowers
Explain Paris’ logic in thinking that Romeo is responsible for Juliet killing herself. He thinks Juliet died from grieving over Tybalt
Did Paris love Juliet? Give evidence to support your answer. No, he was not interested before
Romeo comments that Juliet looks just as beautiful in death as she did in life, with roses in her cheeks and lips. He doesn’t realize that the “death” is just a potion that’s wearing off. Instead, why does he figure Juliet is still so beautiful? He said that death wants to be Juliet’s lover
Does Juliet wake up just before Romeo dies or just after? just after
Who is present when Juliet awakens? Why doesn’t this person stay? Friar Lawrence; he thinks he will get in trouble
Why does Juliet kiss Romeo’s lips even after he already died? She wanted to get some of the poison off his lips
Juliet says, “Thy lips are warm!” This is, quite arguably, one of the saddest lines in the entire play. Why are these four little words so meaningful? They missed each other by minutes. They were so close.
How does Juliet kill herself? by stabbing herself with a dagger
Which two characters are detained by the watchmen after Juliet’s death? Friar Lawrence and Balthasaar
Who else died tonight? How do we find out? Lady Montague; Montague says that she died of the thought of Romeo being banished
How many people died in this play? List their names in order of their deaths. Mercutio, Tybalt, Lady Montague, Paris, Romeo, Juliet