Romeo and Juliet act 5

What news does Romeo receive of Juliet? Who brings him this news? He receives news about Juliet’s death. Balthasar, Romeo’s personal servant tells him.
What does Romeo buy from the apothecary? Why? poision. To kill himself because of the news that Juliet was dead
Why didn’t Friar John succeed in delivering the letter to Romeo? While he was on his way, he stopped at a house to visit the sick. Friar John and all those inside were put under quarantine until it could be determined if they carried the disease or nor so it was never delivered
What does Friar Laurence decide to do as a result of the letter not being delivered to Romeo? Friar Laurence intends to use the crowbar to open the Capulet tomb and greet Juliet when she awakes. He will keep her hidden in his cell until he can reach Romeo and get him to come for Juliet.
Why is Paris’s last request before he dies? To grieve Juliets death
What is Paris’s last request before he dies? Begs Romeo to put him in the tomb with Juliet when he is dead
What is the first question Juliet asks when she awakens She asks for Romeo
What does Friar Laurence urge Juliet to do? To leave the tomb with him, but Juliet refuses to leave Romeos dead body
Who does Friar Laurence blame for the tragedy? He blames himself
What does the prince say is responsible for the tragedy Each family has been punished for their sins with the price of their children
What do Montague and capulet vow to build? What does this vow signify? erect statues of Romeo and Juliet in gold. The vow represents the end if the fighting between the 2 families
Major events of Act 5 -Romeo learns of Juliet’s death – devastated he plans to return to Verona to see the dead body of Juliet – he plans to commit suicide -Romeo looks at Juliet in her coffin. Paris sees him, they fight and Paris is killed. Romeo then takes the poison – just as Juliet awakes. Romeo dies and then Juliet stabs herself to death. -The tragic love story ends as the Montague and Capulet families end their feud and build golden statues of Romeo and juliet