Romeo and Juliet act 5

why is romeo feeling cheerful at the beggining of scene 1 because he had a wonderful dream about juliet
what news does balthasar bring juliet is dead
after hearing the news where does romeo plan to go to the capulet tomb
why does romeo think the apothecary will sell him poison because he needs the money
what does romeo plan to do with the poison drink it and die next to juliet
what does the speed with which romeo make plans tell you about his character bold and desicive
how is friar john prevented from going to mantuana because there is a plague
why does the Friarfeel he must go quickly to juliets tomb to get her because romeo will not make it in time
why does paris go to her tomb to lay flowers and mourn her death
how do you think paris feels about juliet commited
what is romeos real reason he sends balthasar away from the tomb he did not want him around when he drank the poison
why does paris think romeo has come to the tomb to spit on it
what emotions does romeo reveal as he gazes upon the bodies of juliet, paris, and tybalt sadness
what does the friar find when he gets to the tomb romeo dead, juliet waking up
why does juliet kiss romeo to try and get some poison
how does juliet kill herself stabbing herself
what causes lady montagues death extreme greif
what does the prince mean when he says “all are punished” everyone has lost somone in this feud
what heppens between capulet and montague they end their hatred
how were romeos actions guided more by emotion than reason loss of his lover made him choose death rather than seek answers
major conflict of the play family feud which led to the major conflict of romeo not being able to marry juliet
how is the conflict resolved romeo and juliets death