Romeo and Juliet act 5

What did Romeo dream That Juliet finds him dead and brings him back to life with a kiss
What does Romeo expect from Verona The letters from friar Lawrence about Juliet
What news does Romeo receive Juliets dead
What is the penalty for selling poisons in Mantua Death
Why does Romeo think you buy poison nevertheless He’s helping the apothecary
What kind of poison does Romeo ask the apothecary Fast acting
What does Romeo mean when he says to the apothecary “I sell thee poison, thou hast sold me none” Money is the poison and the actual poison isn’t poisonous
Why does Romeo call the poison a cordial He sees it as wine
What problem has arisen in caring out Friars plan Romeo didn’t get the letters
Why is Paris in the churchyard at this scene To visit juliets grave
What instructions does Romeo give to Balthazar To not bother him no matter what he hears or sees
What reasons does he get Baltasar for his going to the tomb He’s going to take her wedding ring
What does Balthasar do Hides in the bushes and watches him
What does Paris think when he sees Romeo in the churchyard Romeo is going to rob tybalts grave
Does Romeo intent to kill Paris No because he tells him to leave
What does Romeo notice about Juliet’s appearance Her skin isnt pale
Why does she look this way She’s not actually dead
Why does friar leave He hears people coming
What offer does fire Lawrence make after he recounts what has happened He will take the blame
How does prince Escalys react after he has read Romeo’s letter to lord Montague Fryer Lawrence is telling the truth and the families are responsible
What conclusion does the prince drawl about the cause of all the deaths The families feuds
Who accompanies the body to the monument Lord and Lady Capulet and friar Lawrence and Paris
How do you Lord and Lady Capulet react to Juliet’s death Disbelief
What does “this but begins the wowethat others must end” mean Other tragedies are soon to come