Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Where does Act 5 begin? On Wednesday morning, on a street in Mantua
Describe Romeo’s dream. Juliet found him lying dead, but she kissed him, and breathed new life into his body.
What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo? The death of Juliet.
What does Romeo decide to do immediately after hearing this news? He orders Balthasar to bring him a horse and a letter and then he will buy poison.
Where does Romeo go? Why? Romeo goes to Verona to kill himself.
What is Friar Lawrence expecting from Friar John? A Letter from Romeo.
Why couldn’t Friar John deliver the letter? Friar John couldn’t deliver the letter because he was quarantined in a house due to the plague.
What did Romeo bring with him to Juliet’s tomb? Why do you think he brought these two items? Mattock
What does Romeo give to Balthasar? What are the instructions? He gives Balthasar the mattock.
What does Romeo order Balthasar not to do? He orders him not to show friendship.
Why does Paris think Romeo is there? Paris thinks Romeo is there to cause harm.
What happens as a result of their meeting? Paris is killed.
What does Juliet see when she awakens? She sees Friar Lawrence.
What does Friar Lawrence suggest they do with her? Friar suggest that they leave.
Why does Juliet get mad at Romeo? Because Romeo killed Paris.
How does she end up killing herself? She takes a dagger and stabs herself.
What happened to Romeo’s mother? She becomes depressed because she blames herself for Romeo’s death.
Who does the Prince say is to blame? Prince says the Montague’s are to blame.
What final good came from the death of Romeo and Juliet? The feud between the families ended.
What does each of the families do to honor each others child? They make statues.