Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Test

eager How does Paris feel about his upcoming wedding to Juliet?
hopeless How does Juliet feel when she first visits Friar Laurence’s cell?
fall into a deep sleep Friar Laurence tells Juliet that his potion will make her
moves up the wedding day What does Lord Capulet do first after Juliet tells him that she will marry Paris?
scared Shakespeare uses Juliet’s soliloquy in lines 14-58 of Scene 3 to reveal that Juliet is
chasing women What does Lady Capulet tease Lord Capulet about on Juliet’s wedding day?
believes that Juliet wants to marry Paris The Nurse is in a good mood on Juliet’s wedding day because she
The nurse Who finds Juliet on the morning of her wedding?
son-in-law In Scene 5, Lord Capulet calls Death his
ease the tension with comic relief The most likely reason that Shakespeare ends Act Four with a conversation between musicians and a servant is to
Paris believes that Juliet grieves for Tybalt(Scene 1, lines 6 and 29). What does Paris think is the reason that Juliet is upset when she visits Friar Laurence?
Responses will vary. Students may use one ofthe following examples to show that Lord Capulet is used for comic relief:A. Lord Capulet calls the Nurse by her first name (Scene 4, line 5), showing that he is in a good mood.B. Lord Capulet jokes with his wife and the Nurse about staying up late to chase women (Scene 4, lines 11-13).C. Lord Capulet jokes with his servant and plays with words (Scene 4, lines 20-21).D. Lord Capulet keeps yelling “Make haste,” indicating that he is in a hurry and sees this day as a good and exciting one (Scene 4, lines 24-28). Give one example of how Shakespeare uses Lord Capulet as a comic relief character in Scene 4.
Responses will vary. Students may use threeof the following examples of Paris’s actions that show his love for Juliet:A. Paris says that he cannot want to wait to marry Juliet; his eagerness is a sign of love (Scene 1, lines 2-3).B. Paris says that his only reason for not professing his love for Juliet is that she has been grieving for Tybalt (Scene 1, lines 6-8).C. When Paris sees Juliet, he says that he is happy and calls her his wife, showing that he loves her and looks forward to their marriage (Scene 1, lines 18-20).D. Paris does not like Juliet’s crying so much; he tells her that she is wrong for thinking her face is not beautiful (Scene 1, lines 29-35). E. Paris leaves Juliet alone and will not intrude on her time with Friar Laurence; this act indicates his love and respect for her (Scene 1, lines 41-43).F. When Paris hears of Juliet’s death, he is as upset as the rest of the family and mourns (Scene 5, lines 41-42 and 55-58). How might you argue that Paris truly loves Juliet? Use three examples of Paris’s actions from Act Four in your answer.