Romeo and Juliet Act 4, Scene 2 Questions

What is the Capulet house doing at the beginning of this scene? preparing for the wedding(food, invites)
How does Juliet treat her parents? she is respectful and apologetic(she apologizes and promises to be obedient [implies she will marry Paris])
What does Lord Capulet decide to do? move the wedding up to Wednesday
Why does Lord Capulet move the wedding? so Juliet won’t get cold feet and be disobedient
Why is it a problem that Lord Capulet moved the wedding? Romeo won’t know the new pick up time for Juliet
What chores are the various Capulets going to do that night? the Nurse and Lady Capulet will help Juliet with the clothing, Lord Capulet will do everything else for the wedding(because he made his wife stressed)