Romeo and Juliet Act 4 and 5

Scene 1 Character Friar Lawrence, Pairs, Juliet,
summary Paris is talking to Friar Lawrence about the wedding, Friar thinks it is too quick for him and juliet but Lord Capulet wants it on Thursday. Friar Lawrence says its not a good thing for him not to know how Juliet feels and Paris says she will be happy once she has someone. Juliet enters and Paris calls her his wife, Juliet has a attitude saying that she is not his wife till after the wedding. Juliet and Paris go back and forth before Juliet asks to be with Friar Lawrence alone. Once alone Juliet weeps and asks Friar Lawrence if he has come up with a plan to stop the marriage. Juliet says she would rather die than marry Paris. Friar Lawrence gives her a vail to which she will drink and be put to sleep for 42 hours. When she is asleep it will look like she is dead, and they will have a funeral. While this is happening Friar will let Romeo know and he will come and get Juliet when she wakes up and they will go to Matua together. Friar Lawrence tells Juliet not to be scared and Juliet takes the vial and leaves.
quotes1. ” Take thou this vial, being then in bed,/ and this distilled liquor drink thou off,/ when presently through all thy veins should run/ a cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse/ shall keep his native progress but cercease Friar
Scene 2 Characters Lord and Lady Capulet, Nurse, first and second servingman
summary Juliet comes back from talking to Friar and confessing her sins, she also was making the plan with the Friar while she is gone. She tells her father that she was confessing her sins to the Friar. She tells her father that she is ready to marry Paris. Capulet is confused but happy with her sudden change. He is so excited that he moves the wedding a day earlier, which makes Juliet nervous that the potion won’t work in time.
quotes1. “How now, my headstrong? Where have you been gadding?” Nurse
scene 3 Characters Nurse, Lady Capulet , and Juliet
summary In the beginning of this scene, Juliet is picking out her clothes for the wedding the next day. Then, Juliet asks the nurse and Lady Capulet if she could spend the night by herself. When she is by herself she drinks the vial that the Friar has given her, hoping it works.
quotes1. “What if it be a poison, which the friarSubtly hath ministered to have me dead,Lest in this marriage he should be dishonoredBecause he married me before to Romeo?” 1. Juliet
scene 4 Characters Nurse, Lord and Lady Capulate, first and second servingman
summary The Capulet’s are getting ready for Juliet’s wedding. Lord Capulet tells the Nurse to go wake up Juliet and get her ready for the wedding.
quotes1. Mass, and well said. A merry whoreson, ha! Thou shalt be loggerhead.—Good faith, ’tis day. The county will be here with music straight, For so he said he would. I hear him near.2. Go waken Juliet. Go and trim her up.I’ll go and chat with Paris. Hie, make haste. 1. Lord Capulet 2. Lord Capulet
scene 5 Characters Nurse, Juliet, Lord and Lady Capulate, Pairs, first and second musician, peter
summary Juliet is found dead in her bed. Everyone is very sad and upset. Paris and Friar Lawrence arrive for the wedding, but come to find out that Juliet is dead. Friar Lawrence reminds them that she is in a better place now, but pushes for them to have the funeral soon.
quotes1. “She’s dead, deceased, she’s dead. Alack the day!”2. “Death, that hath ta’en her hence to make me wail” 1. Nurse 2. Lord Capulet
Scene 1 Quotes: “Take thou this vial, being then in bed,/And this distillèd liquor drink thou off,/When presently through all thy veins shall run/A cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse/Shall keep his native progress, but surcease.” Friar Lawrence
Scene 2 Quotes: “How now, my headstrong? Where have you been gadding?” “Where I have learned me to repent the sin”/Of disobedient opposition” Lord Capulet
Scene 3 Quotes: “What if it be a poison, which the friarSubtly hath ministered to have me dead,Lest in this marriage he should be dishonoredBecause he married me before to Romeo?”- Juliet
Scene 4 Quotes:”Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s drink. I drink to thee.” Juliet
Scene 5 Quotes: “Her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff. Life and these lips have long been separated.Death lies on her like an untimely frostUpon the sweetest flower of all the field.”2. “Death is my son in law, death in my heir. All is death’s” Nurse 2. Lord Capulet
Act 5
scence 1 Characters Romeo, BALTHASAR, Apothecary
summary Romeo learns of Juliet’s death from Balthasar. He is overcome with emotions and comes to the conclusion to end his life. He receives lethal poison from a poor man that he plans to use 7to end his life by Juliet’s side.
quotes: Let me have a dram of poison, such soon-speeding gear as will disperse itself through all the veins.” Romeo
scene 2 Characters Friar John and Lawrence.
summary After Friar Lawrence has given the letter to be sent to Romeo about the plan he sees Friar John and asks if Romeo has written anything in return. Friar John then lets Friar Lawrence know that he did not get to give the letter to Romeo because he was stuck in the house of the plaque. Friar Lawrence is mad because the letter is so important. He then goes off to see Romeo and tell him the plan.
quotes: What says Romeo? Or, if his mind be writ, give me his letter.
scene 3 Characters Pairs, Page (paris servent) Romeo, Balthasar, Juliet, Friar, watchman, Prince, Lord, Lady Capulate, Lord and lady Montague
summary Romeo find Paris they get in a fight in the end Paris dies Romeo breaks into the tomb and finds Juliet and I think she’s dead while fire Lawrence is outside just finding out that Romeo is here Romeo then drink the poison and dies and Juliet wakes up and then the fryer tries to get Juliet to leave but she stays and she then kills herself with a knife and in the end but the bodies are showed to the prince and is finally over
quotes1. “Lady, come from the nest of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep.” 1. Friar Lawrence
who said these quotes and is it person vs person, person vs self or person vs society
1. I pray you tell my lord and father, madam, I will not marry yet. 1. Juliet/ person Vs. person
2. And for the offense immediately we do exile him hence. 2. prince/ Person Vs. society
3. My mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night’s revels… 3. Romeo/ Person Vs. self
4. O, she says nothing, sir, but weeps and weeps; and now falls on her bed, and then starts up, and Tybalt calls; and then on Romeo cries, and then down falls again. 4. Nurse/ Person Vs. self
5. Draw Benevolio, beat down their weapons. Gentlemen, for shame! Forbear this outrage! 5. Tybalt/ Person Vs. person
what is a simile? A comparison using “like” or “as”
what is a metaphor? a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
what is Personification? the giving of human qualities to an animal, object, or idea
what is a pun? A play on words
who said these quotes and is it a Simile, Metaphor, Personification or pun?
But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun. romeo/Metaphor
Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books; But love from love, toward school with heavy looks romeo/Simile
Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field lord capulet/Simile
Ask for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man. Mercutio/Pun
well appareled April on the heel of limping winter treads chorus/ Personification
who said the following quotes?
Group 1: “Open the tomb and lay me with Juliet”Group 2: “Poison I see has been his timeless end. Drunk all and left no friendly drop to help me after?”Group 3: “Lady, come from the nest of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep.”Group 4: “All are punished” Group 5: “Then I defy you stars” 1: Pairs 2: Juliet 3: Friar Lawrence4: Prince5:Romeo
Study act 4 and 5 notes

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