Romeo and Juliet Act 4/5 Summary Flash Cards

What happened in Act 4 Scene 1? Juliet goes to ask the Friar for a plan to not marry Paris. If he can’t think of one, Juliet will kill herself. Paris leaves when he understands that Juliet has come to confess to the Friar.
What plan does the Friar propose to Juliet? Juliet will drink a sleeping potion, appear dead and be placed in the tomb. Friar Laurence will send a letter to Romeo to let him know to get Juliet in the tomb when she wakes. Then they will flee to Mantua.
What happens in Act 4 Scene 2? Juliet comes home from confession and “apologizes” for not wanting to marry Paris. She says she will marry Paris. Lord Capulet moves the wedding to the next day.
What happens in Act 4 scene 3? Juliet convinces the Nurse and Lady Capulet to leave her, and then she takes out the potion and worries about some bad possibilities with the outcome of the potion. She drinks the potion.
What is Juliet so worried about? The potion might be real poison, the Friar might be trying to kill her to avoid a sin of marriage, she might wake up in the tomb next to Tybalt’s dead body, she might suffocate in the tomb.
What happens in Act 4 Scene 4? The Capulet family is frantically preparing for the wedding through the night, and the nurse gets ordered to wake Juliet.
What happens in Act 4 Scene 5? The nurse finds Juliet dead. Lord Capulet orders her to be placed in the tomb.
What happens in Act 5 Scene 1? Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. He goes to an apothecary to buy poison to kill himself next to Juliet. Romeo leaves for Verona
What happens in Act 5 Scene 2? Friar Laurence found out the letter never reached Romeo, due to the “plague” that quarantined Friar John, who had the letter. Friar Laurence goes to the tomb to wake Juliet alone.
What happens in Act 5 Scene 3? Romeo kills Paris, then kills himself, Juliet wakes and and sees Romeo dead, she kills herself with a dagger,Everyone arrives and the Friar tells the whole story. The feud ends, everyone gets punished by the Prince