Romeo and Juliet Act 4

father future father in law
i am nothing slow to slack his haste i will not slow him down by being slow myself
uneven is the course irregular is the plan
inundation flood
minded thought about
thats a certain text that is a certain truth
price value
before their spite before the harm that the tears did
entreat the time alone ask to have this time to ourselves
pensive deeply thought
shield forbid
past the compass of my wits beyond the ability of my mind to find a remedy
prorogue delay
presently at once
shall be the label to another deed shall give the seal of approval to another marriage contract
twixt my extremes and me between my misfortunes and me
arbitrating deciding
which the commission of thy years and art could to no issue of true honor bring which the authority that derives from your age and ability could not solve honorably
craves requires
that copst with death himself to scape from it it that bargains with death itself to escape from it
thievish ways roads where criminals lurk
charnel house vault for bones removed from graves to be reused
reeky foul-smelling
chapless jawless
vial small bottle containing medicine or other liquids
humor fluid or liquid
native natural
surcease stop
wanny ashes to the color of pale ashes
eyes windows eyelids
supple government ability for maintaining motion
uncovered on the bier displayed on the funeral platform
against before
drift purpose or plan
inconstant toy passing whim
abate thy valor lessen your courage
cunning skillful
try test
tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers it is a bad cook who will not taste his own cooking
unfurnished unprepared
forsooth in truth
a peevish self willed harlotry it is it is the ill tempered selfish behavior of a woman without good breeding
enjoined directed or ordered to do something
behests requests
fall prostrate lie face down in humble submission
becomed suitable or proper
bound indebted
closet private room
ornaments clothes
short in our provision lacking time for preparation
deck up her dress her or get her ready
what ho capulet is calling for his servants
wayward headstrong
orisions prayers
state condition
cross selfish or disobedient
culled chosen
behoveful desirable or appropriate
dismal causing gloom or misery
tried proved
conceit idea or thought
green in earth newly entombed
like likely
loathsome disgusting or detestable
mandrakes plants with forked roots that resemble human legs and was believed to shriek when uprooted and causes the hearer to go mad
distraught insane
environed surrounded
quinces golden apple shaped fruits
pastry baking room
angelica the nurses name
cotquean man who does housework
watching staying awake
mouse hunt woman chaser
jealous hood jealousy
mass by the mass or an oath
loggerhead blockhead or stupid
fast fast asleep
slugabed sleepyhead
down again back in bed
solace find comfort
beguiled cheated
uncomfortable painful or upsetting
solemnity solemn rites

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