Romeo and Juliet act 4

why is friar Laurence reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet he knows Juliet is already married to Romeo
how does Paris explain the sudden haste of the marriage plans to stop Juliet from grieving and she will be happy
what is ironic about the conversation between Juliet and Paris Paris talking about Juliet but Juliet is talking about Romeo
if friar Laurence cannot help her, what does Juliet threaten to do? kill herself
why does friar Laurence think Juliet will accept his plan she will end up being with Romeo and she is desperate, involves death and she is already considering it
describe the Friar’s plan for Juliet take the vial and then she will fall in asleep with no pulse and will look dead. then Romeo will come after she is in the tomb
what does Juliet say that makes her father happy she agrees to marry Paris
how does capulet change the wedding plans? what implication does this have? he changes the date to Wednesday (not Thursday) so she doesn’t change her mind. this means she will have to drink the vial tonight
how does Juliet show her maturity and independence in this scene she is acting very grown up about the decision to marry Paris (and she takes the vial by herself)
if the potion does not work, what will Juliet do? kill herself (with a knife)
what are some of the fears Juliet has about the potion? it is poison and will kill hershe will suffocate in the tombit won’t work she will wake up early in the tomb
what is happening in scene four which is a brief scene they are planning the wedding on short notice and then it was time to wake up Juliet
describe the imagery Shakespeare uses in describing Juliet’s “death”? she is cold, stiff, death has taken over her
what does friar Laurence say to comfort the capulets? isn’t our goal to go to heaven, she is better off
what event are the capulets now preparing for? Juliet’s funeral
comic relief adds humorous scenes and characters to a serious part
example of comic relief the nurse
allusion a reference to a historical or literary figure or event that is meant to enhance the meaning of the story
personification human characteristics are given to nonhuman things
example of personification saying that the knife decides if Juliet lives or dies
dramatic irony occurs when the audience has important knowledge that a main character lacks
example of dramatic irony the prologues tell us a lot about Romeo and Juliet. we know they are doomed
people in the capulets 1- lady capulet2- lord capulet3- Juliet4- nurse 5- tybalt 6- Peter
people in the montegue 1- Romeo 2- benvolio 3- mercutio
people who belong to neither house 1- the prince 2- friar Laurence