Romeo and Juliet Act 4

How does Paris think Juliet feels about him? He thinks she loves him
What does Juliet ask of Friar Laurence? A solution to her problem
What does Juliet say she will do if she cannot find a way out of marrying paris? She will kill her self
How does Juliet respond to Paris’ complements in the acts? She acts cold and insecure
What does Friar Laurence say will happen when Juliet drinks the potion? She will be put into a coma
How will romeo learn of Friar Laurence’s plan? Another Friar will give Romeo a letter
What does Friar Laurence say Romeo and Juliet will do after Juliet awakens? They will go to Mantua
What does Juliet tell her father in scene 2? She apologizes and agrees to marry Paris
What activities occur in the Capulet household at the start of scene 2? Wedding preperations
Describe Capulet’s charcter at the end of scene 2 He’s happy
Describe Juliet’s fears about drinking the potion She is scared about what it will be like to wake up inside a tomb and fears the potion will kill her
What effect might Capulet’s change of plans have on the Friar’s arrangements? It may mes up the timing of the plan
At what time does scene iv occur? morning
How do Capulet, his wife, the nurse, and Paris react when they find juliet? They are devastated and they weep
What does Friar Laurence tell the family? He tells them Juliet is in a better place
According to lord Capulet, what will happen now to all the preparations that were made for the wedding? They will be used for the funeral