Romeo and Juliet Act 4

How does Juliet respond to Paris at Friar Lawrence’s cell? she is polite to him but not warm
Why does Juliet go to see Friar Lawrence? she hopes that he can advise her regarding her marriage
What type of help does she receive from Friar Lawrence? a potion to help her fake her death
Juliet finds Lord Capulet and asks him what? to forgive her for her disobedience
Why doesn’t Juliet tell the Nurse about the plan and potion? she realizes the Nurse doesn’t understand their love
What are Juliet’s fears when taking the potion? -what if the potion doesn’t work-what if it kills her -what if she wakes up before Romeo comes and is locked in the tomb-what if nobody comes for her and she ends up going insane and has to kill herself
What is Juliet’s back up plan if the potion doesn’t work? she will kill herself with a dagger
Who is the first person to find Juliet? Nurse
What does Friar Lawrence tell Juliet’s family after she died? that she is now married to God and is going to live eternally in heaven
How long will Juliet appear to be dead for? 42 hours
When Juliet lies to her family what does that symbolize? that she has completely decided to be loyal to Romeo and leave her family behind
What is the reason behind Lord Capulets positive reaction to Juliet’s apology? he is relieved that he won’t suffer public embarrassment because he cannot control his unruly daughter