Romeo and Juliet Act 4

What event are Paris and Juliet discussing at the beginning of Act IV? the are discussing their scheduled marriage.
How do their feelings about the event differ? Paris is filled with happiness; Juliet, with dread
What is Friar Lawrence’s plan for Juliet? Friar Lawrence will give Juliet a potion to make her comatose. She will be place in the tomb. Friar Lawrence will bring Romeo to the tomb, and they will be there when Juliet wakes. Romeo with then take Juliet to Mantua.
Why does Juliet trust the Friar? Juliet trust him because he is older and a clergyman. She also doesn’t have any other options.
What three fears does Juliet reveal in her soliloquy in Scene iii? The potion may not work; it may kill her; she may wake up alone in the tomb before Romeo comes.
What does the soliloquy reveal about her personality? The soliloquy reveals that Juliet is fully aware of the grave risks she is undertaking and is brave enough to proceed.
How has Juliet changed during the play? Juliet has developed a more mature and serious outlook. She is no longer a girl, but a young woman willing to brave any danger for her love.
What is dramatic irony? A contradiction between what a character thinks or says and what the audience or reader know to be true.
What dramatic irony results when Juliet encounters Paris in Friar Lawrence’s cell? When Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence for help in avoiding a marriage with Paris, she unexpectedly find Paris there arranging for that very ceremony.
What makes Act IV, scene iv, in which Capulet prepares of Juliet’s wedding, an example of dramatic irony? The entire household is busy and in a good humor, getting ready for the wedding. They do not know, as the audience does, that Juliet is already still as death; the wedding will become a funeral.
What part of the Friar’s plan could lead to potential problems? The plan is complicated and risky. The potion may not work or may work too well and kill Juliet. Something may keep Romeo from learning what is going on.
In what ways has death been forshadowed? Romeo and Juliet threaten to kill themselves if they cannot be together. The Friar’s plan involves a faked death. The Capulet’s grief at Juliet’s “death” foreshadows what will happen when Juliet really dies.