Romeo and Juliet Act 4

Who is visiting Friar Lawrence’s cell when Juliet arrives? Paris
According to Paris, why is Capulet pushing his daughter to marry so quickly? SO Juliet can stop grieving over “Tybalt” and be happy
How does Juliet deceive Paris while they are visiting Friar? She says things that are half-true so that Paris thinks she is talking about him when she is actually talking about Romeo
What does Juliet threaten to do if she is forced to marry Paris? Kill herself
Friar Laurence’s plan Juliet needs to accept the marriage then on Wednesday night before the wedding take a sleeping potion that will make it seem like she is dead. Then they will put her in the Capulet monument of dead bodies and Romeo will come to rescue her when she wakes up
How is Romeo to be told of the plan? By a letter
When is Romeo supposed to watch Juliet awake and then taker her to Mantua? Friday afternoon
What does Juliet say that makes her father happy? She consents to be married to Paris
Why do you think Capulet pushes the marriage up to Wednesday? To take advantage of Juliet while she is obedient, so she doesn’t change her mind
How will Capulet’s decision to move the wedding affect Friar’s plan? She is supposed to take the potion Wednesday and be awaken on Friday, but now everything will be off by 34 hours. If she takes it Tuesday night, Friar might not know and so he might not get her out of the vault in time
What excuse does Juliet give for sending the Nurse away for the night? She says she needs to pray
Fears and doubts of the potion in Juliet’s sililoquy Will it work? Is Friar actually just trying to have her dead? Will she suffocate? Will she go insane in the vault?
If the potion does not works, what will Juliet do? Kill herself with a dagger
What dramatic effects are achieved by Juliet’s soliloquy? Apostrophes to the vial and to Tybalt who is dead
Briefly describe what happens in Scene 4 The Servants and family are preparing for the wedding
Who discovers Juliet is dead? Nurse
How does Friar try to console the Capulets for their loss of Juliet? Saying she is in a better place in heaven
What event are the Capulets now preparing for? A funeral