Romeo and Juliet Act 4

What reason does Paris give for not having spent much time courting Juliet? She has been grieving over Tybalt
Name three of the horrible things Juliet says she would find preferable to marrying Paris. kill herself, be chained to a bear, be locked in a tomb with dead people
Describe the Friar’s plan in your own words. He will have Juliet drink potion that makes her appear dead. Juliet will be placed in the tomb. He will send a message to Romeo to tell him of the plan. Romeo will be there when she wakes up. They will run away.
How do you know if you’re hiring a good cook? a good cook will lick his fingers
Juliet was supposed to marry Paris on Thursday, but what has her father decided? to move the wedding to Wednesday
Who will stay up all night to make sure the wedding party preparations are complete? Capulet
In case the potion doesn’t work, what item does Juliet keep with her in the bed? a dagger
Describe three things Juliet thinks might go wrong if she takes the potion. die, suffocate, go insane
Write down six words from Juliet’s speech (Scene 3, lines 30-58) that show her feelings about death. hideous, mangled, loathsome, terror, horrible, distraught
What time in the morning is it? 3AM
In the midst of all the cooking and prepping, Paris arrives for his wedding date. Given the answer to the previous question, what does this arrival show us about Paris? Paris is excited
What does Capulet mean when he says the Nurse should “go and trim her up” in Scene 4, line 27? make her look good
Who is the first to find Juliet’s body and think that she’s dead in Scene 5? the Nurse
In what three ways does Capulet say he can tell Juliet is dead? stiff joints, cold body, settled blood
What does the Friar advise Juliet’s parents to do with her body? to put the body in the tomb
In a sly way, the Friar actually blames Juliet’s parents for her lifelessness. Write the lines in which he says they are being punished by God. line 100 pg 205
Why does Shakespeare end this heavy, emotionally wrenching scene with the odd exchange between Peter and the musicians? Shakespeare wants to lighten the mood and remind us that Juliet is not dead