Romeo and Juliet Act 3 vocab

Doublet Origin: French Part of speech: nounDefinition: either of a pair of similar things, in particular Synonyms: couplet doublet Antonyms:originalSentence:
Bandy Origin:English Part of speech: adjective Definition: (of a persons legs) curved so as to be wide apart at the kneesSynonyms:Bent bowedAntonyms:straight Sentence:
Truce Origin: English Part of speech:nounDefinition: an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time Synonyms:ceasefire armistice lull peaceAntonyms: fight Sentence:
Naught Origin:EnglishPart of speech: pronoun Definition: nothing Synonyms: nil zeroAntonyms:allSentence:
Vestal Origin: latinPart of speech: adjectiveDefinition:of or relating to the Roman goddess vesta Synonyms:Antonyms:Sentence:
Fickle Origin: englishPart of speech:adjectiveDefinition: changing frequently especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affections Synonyms: flighty, unsteady, inconstantAntonyms: constantSentence:
Livery Origin: Latin Part of speech: nounDefinition: special uniform worn by a servant or official Synonyms: apparel attireAntonyms: revealSentence:
Villain Origin: Latin Part of speech: nounDefinition: (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plotSynonyms: criminal Felon robber thiefAntonyms: hero Sentence:
Cockatrice Origin: Latin Part of speech: noun Definition: a mythical animal depicted a two-legged dragon (or wyvern) with a cock’s headSynonyms: griffinAntonyms: realSentence:
Beguile Origin: EnglishPart of speech: verbDefinition: charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive waySynonyms: attract captivateAntonyms:repelSentence:
Unseemly Origin:old NorsePart of speech: adjective Definition: (of behavior or actions) not proper or appropriate Synonyms: improper unfitting Antonyms: decorousSentence:
Procure Origin: Latin Part of speech:verb Definition: obtain (something), especially with care of effort Synonyms: engage secure Antonyms:loseSentence:
Devise Origin: Latin Part of speech: verb Definition: plan or invent (a complex procedure, system, or mechanism) by careful thoughtSynonyms: conceive formulateAntonyms: borrow Sentence:
Valor Origin: LatinPart of speech: nounDefinition: great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle Synonyms: bravery daring Antonyms: cowardice Sentence:
Affliction Origin: Latin Part of speech: noun Definition: something that causes pain or suffering Synonyms: illness disorder Antonym: aid Sentence:
Wreak Origin: English Part of speech: verbDefinition: cause (a large amount of danger or harm)Synonyms: inflict bestow creat impose Antonym: reliefSentence:
Appertain Origin: Latin Part of speech: verb Definition: relate toSynonyms: concern regardAntonym: distantSentence:
Untimely Origin: English Part of speech: adjective Definition: ( of an event or act) happening or done at an unsuitable timeSynonyms: inconvenient unwelcoming Antonyms: convenientSentence:
Dissemble Origin: LatinPart of speech: verbDefinition: conceal ones true motive, feelings, or beliefs Synonyms: pretend feign act fake bluffAntonym: real trueSentence:
Doom Origin:English Part of speech: nounDefinition: death, destruction, or some other terrible fateSynonyms: ruin downfall destruction Antonyms: birthSentence:
Commend Origin: Latin Part of speech: verbDefinition: praise formally or officially Synonyms:compliment honor solute Antonyms: criticizeSentence:
Minion Origin: French Part of speech: nounDefinition: a follower or underlining of a powerful person, especially servile or unimportant one Synonyms: henchmen hireling toady stoogeAntonym: leader bossSentence:
Consort Origin: Latin Part of speech: nounDefinition: a wife, husband or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch Synonyms: mate partnerAntonyms: enemySentence:
Tempest Origin:Latin Part of speech: noun Definition: a violent wind storm Synonyms:hurricane whirlwind cycloneAntonym: calmSentence:
Dexterity Origin:Latin Part of speech:noun Definition: skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands Synonyms: nimbleness adroitness expertise Antonyms: clumsiness Sentence: