Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Test

Mercutio says that Benvolio would start a fight about anything. Is this true? No, Mercutio is actually the one with a quick temper. Benvolio is just trying to avoid the brawl.
When Mercutio says he is a “grave man,” what figure of speech is this? What does he mean? pun- he means that the wound is going to kill him, so if one were to look for him the next day, they would find him in the cemetery
Explain the Prince’s judgement after the fight and why he makes this ruling? He banishes Romeo from Verona and says that if he returns, he will be executed. At that point, he is really done with the family feud, but doesn’t want to kill Romeo because Tybalt killed Mercutio first, and Romeo was just trying to help Mercurio, who was a relative of the Prince.
What is Juliet looking forward to that night? sleeping with Romeo
How does Juliet explain the agony of expectation she is feeling? by saying that she has bought a mansion but not yet moved in and that she is like a child who has new clothes but cannot wear them
How does Juliet describe Romeo after the fight? Why? with oxymorons such as beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical, and honorable villain because she loves her husband dearly but is angry that he killed her cousin
How does Juliet react when the nurse shames Romeo? she gets very mad at the nurse
Where is Romeo hiding? in Friar Laurence’s room
What is Friar Laurence’s opinion on Romeo’s punishment? He believes it was kind of the prince to let Romeo live in exile and not be killed for his deadly sin. He would like Romeo to be more grateful.
Why does Romeo say he is less honored than carrion flies? because the flies are free, so they have more access to Juliet tan Romeo, who is banished
What 3 reasons does the Friar give Romeo to be happy? 1) his beloved wife is still alive 2)he killed Tybalt before Tybalt could kill him 3) the Prince was merciful and didn’t execute Romeo for what he did
What gift does the Nurse give Romeo from Juliet? a ring
How did Capulet feel about his nephew and why? Capulet loved his nephew, but he wasn’t that upset when Tybalt died. He talked about how death is inevitable, which is not a normal response to a family member’s death. Capulet felt this way because Tybalt’s hot temper had gotten him on Capulet’s bad side after Tybalt disobeyed him at the party at the beginning of the story.
Why does Capulet set the wedding with Paris? He think it will cheer Juliet up
When is the wedding set for? Thursday
When Capulet makes his announcement about the wedding, what does Paris reply? that he wishes it was already Thursday
Why does Juliet want to believe the songbird she can hear is a nightingale, not a lark? because nightingales come out at night and larks announce morning, and if it is a nightingale, her night with Romeo isn’t over yet and he wouldn’t have to leave
What does Juliet mean by an “ill-divining soul”? She has a bad omen- she senses that the nest time she sees Romeo, he’ll be dead
Why do Juliet’s parents believe she is upset? What is their plan to help cheer her up? They believe she is still upset about Tybalt’s death. To cheer her up, they set a wedding for her and Paris and planned to hire someone in Mantua to poison Romeo.
who dies in act 3? Tybalt and Mercutio
Why has Capulet changed his mind about listening to his daughter’s opinion about her future spouse? He believes it would be a disgrace to have a defiant daughter and would be humiliated if he had to explain to Paris that Juliet wouldn’t obey him.
How does the nurse describe Paris? He is a lovely man, more handsome and green-eyed than an eagle. Romeo is a dishcloth compared to him.
Does Romeo want Tybalt to fight Mercutio? no, Romeo tries to stop the fight
what does Mercutio say several times before his death that is foreshadowing? that there will be a curse on the Capulets and Montagues
Who kills Tybalt? Romeo
Right after the fight, the nurse won’t get to the point when telling Juliet what happened, so Juliet thinks that ________ died. Romeo
When talking to the nurse and the Friar, what does Romeo try to do to himself? stab himself
How does the Friar help Romeo? the Friar talks some sense into Romeo and tells him to toughen up and get a grip
the Friar keeps comparing Romeo to a _______. girl
who suggests that Romeo go to Mantua? the Friar
who will carry messages between Romeo and the Friar? Romeo’s servant
After talking to her father about the wedding, Juliet proves she is no longer __________. obedient
what happens at the end of act 3? Juliet leaves to go see Friar Laurence