Romeo and Juliet act 3 study guide

what is the tone of benvolios opening speech? cautionary, worried, he is concerned because the day is hot and tempers might flare
why is mercutios speech ironic/ he is teasing benevolio of being aggressive and stirring up fights and enjoying violence, benvolio tries to make peace and avoid fights
what is benvolio trying to do in lines 45-48? he wants mercution and tybalt to move their argument off the street and if they fight and other see them than they will be put to death
what injury has romeo romeo supposedly done to tybalt ? he insulted tybalt and the capulets by crashing lord capulets party
what is the meaning of romeos speech in lines 63-67? he tries to tell tybalt that he loves him and doesn’t want to fight him, he explains why he loves him
who is mercutio fighting with in like 68? romeo because he refuses to fight tybalt
what 2 men get into a physical fight first? tybalt and mercutio
what is romeos position? he wants to stop the fight
what happens in the fight? benevolio and romeo try to break up the fight, romeo holds mercuito back, and while he is holding him, tybalt stabs him with his sword and mortally wounds him
how does mercutio use understatement? he says it is just a scratch
who does he blame and why? romeo for coming between them while they were fighting
what pun does mercutio deliver? ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man
who does mercutio curse? both houses, for their feud that has cost him his life, he says “a plague o’ both of your houses!” and repeats it several times
what is foreshadowed in romeos lines 112-113? “this black days fare” ,will lead to more problems for everyone
when tybalt returns what is romeos position? he is ready to avenge mercutios death, he feels guilty about the death of his good friend mercutio and vows to fight tybalt to the death
what does romeo realize in line 129? “O, i am fortunes fool’
summarize lady capulets speech in line 169-174? lady capulet wants the prince to put romeo to death
how does lord montague try to defend romeo? he says that romeo killed tybalt because he killed mercutio, who is the prince’s kinsman so romeo did what the prince would’ve done
what punishment does the prince pronounce at the conclusion of this scene? romeo has been banished from verona, and if he turns up in town again he will be put to death
why does the prince decide not to sentence romeo to death? romeo did what the law would’ve done,mercutio was a relative to the prince and mercutio and romeo were friends and romeo avenged his death
what doe we the audience know that juliet does not know? romeo has killed tybalt and is banished from verona
what type of irony is this? dramatic irony
how does juliets speech continue with the light imagery? she makes allusions to phoebus apollo and phaethon, who drive his chariot to close to the sun and burned up
how does juliets opening speech foreshadow events to come? she speaks to the gentle night and says that when romeo dies night can cut him into little stars so he will make the face of heaven even more beautiful
why does it take the nurse so long to tell juliet the news the nurse is upset over the killing of tybalt
what does juliet think has happened? romeo has been killed
what puns does juliets speech contain? I for “aye” or yes, but it sounds like eye which has to do with the mythological story of the cockatrice which could kill in just a glance of an eye
how does juliet react to the news at first? her words are hateful, and she speaks in oxymorons that show her confusion and hysteria,she suggests that romeo is not a horrible person
how does juliet react to he next speech in lines 91-95? the nurse begins saying there is no honesty in men so juliet begins to think about romeos honesty and good character, she tells the nurse to speak no more
why does juliet turn on the nurse? the nurse asks her if she speaks ill of her cousin Tyblat, and juliet answers ” shall I speak is that as his wife, she should support him”
how does juliet react to the idea of romeos being banished? it is as awful as the word dead, her sorrow has no measure and she has lost everything
what has juliet decided to do with the ropes romeo gave her? she is going to use them to kill herself
what does juliet give the nurse to pass on to romeo? a ring
how does the friars speech remind us that romeo seems fated for ill fortune? he tells him “thou art wedded to calamity” in other words he can’t seem to escape danger and misfortune
what news does the friar give romeo? the prince has decided to banish romeo from verona rather than put him to death
how would friar laurence probably expect romeo to react to this news? he would expect him to be relieved he is not going to die, but also to be upset about leaving juliet
how does romeo react to it? beyond despair, he says banishment is worse than death
how does the friar try to console him? he tells him he would be grateful for the prince for sparing his life
how does romeo view the prospect of banishment? he says it would be torture without juliet and that he would rather die
how does friar laurence scold romeo? scolds him for being “rude unthankfulnes” and tells him the kind prince showed mercy on him by going against the law
according to the nurse what state is juliet in? just like romeo, inconsolable and is sobbing so much that she can’t even speak
what points does friar laurence make in lines 109-113 and lines 137-140? romeo is acting more like a women than a man and that he needs to get himself together, quit crying and be a man
what provides the dramatic irony in the opening of this scene? lord capulet is meeting with paris to arrange juliets marriage to paris while juliet is sleeping with romeo upstairs
why would the audience feel tension as the capulet sends lady caplet to juliets chamber? if lady capulet goes to her room, she will discover romeo there with juliet