Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Study Guide

Who starts the fight in scene 1? Mercutio starts the fight because he is the first one to pull out his sword.
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? He refuses to fight Tybalt because Tybalt is now Romeo’s cousin in law and he doesn’t want Juliet to become angry with him.
Why does Mercutio insist on fighting Tybalt? Mercutio insists on fighting Tybalt because Tybalt is insulting Romeo when Romeo is letting him get away with it.
Does Benvolio give a fair account of the fight to the prince? Yes and no. Benvolio does give a fair account of the fight but he doesn’t include all details. He protected his family.
Why does the Prince insist on Romeo’s banishment? Benvolio, Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo broke the no fighting in the streets rule. The prince is so angry over Tybalt’s death that he doesn’t want to see Romeo ever again.
What will happen to Romeo if he does not leave Verona? Romeo will be killed if he stays in Verona.
What is Juliet’s reaction to Tybalt’s death? Juliet was upset Romeo killed Tybalt and got banished. She was crying.
Of whom does she speak of when she says “O serpent heart, hiding with a flow’ring face?” Romeo. This is an oxymoron. She has many feelings that are mixed.
Does she change her mind about this person? She did change her mind about Romeo because if Romeo didn’t kill Tybalt, Tybalt would have killed her husband, Romeo.
What is Romeo’s reaction to the news that he is banished? He doesn’t like that he is banished. He would rather be dead.
What is Friar Lawrence’s advice? Go to Juliet at night. Stay in Mantua until we can announce your marriage. Let time pass. I will send someone to keep you updated on what’s happening in Verona.
What are lord Capulet’s reasons for wanting Juliet to marry Paris within the week? He wants Juliet to be happy and life her spirits. The marriage will take her mind off of Tybalt’s death (and Romeo’s banishment)
What bird does Juliet dread hearing? the lark, because it comes out in the morning. If it comes out in the morning, it means Romeo has to go.
What are Juliet’s fears as she and Romeo part? She will never meet him again. He will die before they can meet again.
What does Lady Capulet think is the reason for Juliet’s tears? Tybalt’s death
How does Juliet react to the news that she is to marry Paris on Thursday? She refuses to marry Paris. She’s already married to Romeo.
Describe the reaction of Lord and Lady Capulet to Juliet’s obedience. Lady Capulet just tells Juliet to talk to her father. Her father freaks out and tells her if she doesn’t get married to Paris, she gets disowned from the family.
What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet? Her advice is that Juliet should marry Paris. Its almost as if Romeo is dead because he is banished from Verona. She was speaking from her heart and soul.
Is Capulet’s decision for Juliet to marry Paris so soon justified? I think it is justified because Capulet made the decision for a reason. But I don’t think its justified because he is making her marry Paris so soon.
What is an oxymoron? contradictory, split emotions, two contradicts used together to create turmoil.
What is malapropism? a wrong word in a sentence
What were the roles of Benvolio, Mercutio, Tybalt, Romeo, Lady Capulet, and the Prince in scene 1? Benvolio doesn’t want to stay in the public place, tells Romeo that Mercutio is dead, and tells the Prince what happened. Mercutio wants to fight Tybalt, is the first to draw his sword, thinks Romeo is being insulted, fights Tybalt, and is killed by Tybalt. Tybalt wants to talk to Mercutio, encourages Mercutio to fight, fights Mercutio, kills Mercutio, fights Romeo, and is killed by Romeo. Romeo doesn’t want to fight Tybalt, but fights Tybalt because Tybalt killed Mercutio and ends up killing Tybalt. Lady Capulet cries over Tybalt’s death and thinks Romeo should be killed. Prince banishes Romeo, upset over the fighting in the streets and Mercutio’s death.
What were the roles of Juliet and the nurse in scene 2? Juliet talks in great detail about Romeo, gets mad at Romeo for killing Tybalt, has mixed feelings, and decides to trust Romeo again because if Romeo didn’t kill Tybalt, Tybalt would have killed Romeo. The nurse tells Juliet of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment.
What were the roles of Friar Lawrence, Romeo and the nurse in scene 3? Friar Lawrence gives Romeo advice and devises a plan to keep Romeo safe. Romeo gets upset over his banishment. The nurse comes to tell Romeo that Juliet would like to see him one last time before he leaves for Mantua.
What were the roles of Capulet and Paris in scene 4? They both agree on Juliet’s marriage, and are excited although Tybalt is dead.
What were the roles of Juliet, Romeo, Capulet, and Lady Capulet in scene 5? Juliet doesn’t want Romeo to leave her, tells her mother she doesn’t want to marry Paris and argues with her father over it. Romeo wants to stay with Juliet although he does eventually leave. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she is to be married to Paris on Thursday and gets mad at Juliet, but eventually just tells her to talk to her father. Capulet gets extremely mad at Juliet and says if she won’t marry Paris on Thursday, she is disowned and thrown out of the family.