Romeo and juliet act 3 study guid

what does benvolio say about the weather the heat makes people angry
how does mercutio describe Benvolio that he is feeling effects of a second drink, is ready to fight the waiter who’s paring drinks. Basically that he is a problematic person. That isnt true because Benvolio is a peace maker it even says it in his name
what is romeos reaction when tybalt tried to fight with him he says that he doesn’t care, i forgive your anger because i have reason to love you. Making tybalt confused
what does romeo do when tybalt and mercutio fight? what is the result of this action romeo tries to prevent the fight but the tybalt reached under romeos arm and stabs mercutio
why do the other no realize the seriousness of mercutio’s injuries? They think that mercutio is joking because mercutio is always joking around
why does romeo blame himself for what has happend to mercutio romeo’s true friend died because of him, his reputation has been damaged by a man who was his relative for a couple hours
what happens when tybalt returns? romeo fights tybalt because he wants revenge for mercutio
what does benvolio urge romeo to do ? he wants to run so he doesnt get killed
what does romeo mean by saying, “O i am fortune’s fool!”? do yo agree? fate has made a fool of him. Makes him look less manly
who explains to prince what happend? benvolio
who begs for revenge Lady Capulet. one of a capulet died so a montague should die
What sentence does the Prince pronounce upon Romeo? he said that if romeo returns back to verona then romeo will be killed immediatly
who disagrees with benvolio lady capulet, she doesn’t believe him because he is a montague
how is juliet feeling at the beginning of the scene? she is feeling impatient and excited for Romeo to climb up the wall
what has the nurse bought? the rope and news of somebody being dead
why is juliet confused when the nurse tells her what has happend nurse isn’t being specific she is beating around the bush
what is Juliet’s reaction to the word “banished” when she understand the whole story she does comparisons saying hoe someone who looks so good do something so bad. She is angry that Romeo killed Tybalt
on what errand does the nurse go nurse goes to look for Romeo
what does juliet send to romeo a ring to give to him to say farewell forever

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